RNG in competitive gaming


For those who don’t know, RNG means Random Number Generator, or anything that is left up to chance. What I want to know is what you guys think about rng in competitive gaming. should it be allowed completely, should it be only in small places or should it be removed completely?


is the OP intentionally vague? random values have a variety of uses in games, some which have virtually no impact on the competitive aspect of the game


Ban RPS games with Platinum?


Limited or banned completely. It doesn’t make sense from a competitive standpoint to include stuff like that, with the exception of possibility of human error, which isn’t really RNG.

While it does occur in competitive video games, usually to extremely minimal effect, I don’t really think it should be a planned part of the experience.


Uhhh… so no one’s actually going to cite a real example of RNGs in fighting games? :confused: Come on, folks. This one’s not even that hard.


Min/max damage values in SF2, 50/50 chance of assigning a winner when two characters throw in SF2, win by judgment in 3s, frame skip, etc…


Judgement in 3S wasn’t exactly random. The judges had built in bias, like 90% of the time if Ryu went to judgement he would win. You would have had to destroyed him in score or something to actually win the judgement.


does anyone actually know how judgment works? I think people only believe it’s random because no one’s bothered to sit down and figure it out. or people come up with these funny rules like “Chun always wins judgment except when…” etc. I suspect there’s an actual system or ruleset in place there and no one ever figured it out.


Not really it’s more of who attacked last and if both throw on the same exact frame.

Another bit of RNG Input windows for specials in Capcom games.


RNG is only good when it’s about something both characters have to play around on a fairly equal field. Stuff like what item Faust throws out tends to be a reasonable fair RNG; you both know what it is and you can play around it. You’re setting the stage with the RNG, and said stage is generally balanced, not determining outcomes. I’m still not a huge fan, but it’s definitely workable.


Is random damage in ST even a problem?


Wait, so if you both press hp on the same frame, but you did it a split second faster than your opponent, you will always get the throw?

Also I’ve always wondered how conflicting air throws work in SF4.


No, I mean if a player got a hit in before the throw attempt on the same frame. and he was talking about Street Fighter 2.


Ah, didn’t know that. I thought it was a random determination based on score or performance grades to each player. Either way, a shitty way to depend on the outcome of an actual match.

That’s what I mean. When two characters input a throw on the SAME frame, it randomly assigns a winner who’ll throw. But yes, varying input timings could be considered RNG. Dumb, but not game breaking.

Not really. It makes for some “WTF” moments, but otherwise, nobody really complains about it in the ST scene. It’s more of a topic that stream monsters like to bring up whenever they feel like hating on the game.


The one thing I REALLY hate about ST is the random frame skipping.


That does suck in terms of trying to land advanced combos, but otherwise, doesn’t really affect the overall gameplay. Sure, it sucks that that’s how you artificially sped up a game in the old days. But it doesn’t really affect the overall match as it plays out.





According to this video its scores/grades… I still think its random.


It’s not random it follows a strict order just forced slowdown on hits on hits mess it up.

Plus in normal playing turbo aka frame skip is something nobody can keep track of. Only in frame by frame mode is where you can track it.


He’s really not that big a deal until you get to higher level play, although he will always be effective at any skill level. Plus, there really aren’t any seriously good tournament Claw players nowadays with the exception of perhaps Ganelon.