ROACK REE! 3 yrs later

mroe like 10 years later lol. I got a bit carried away.

I dig it man! Gave it a nine, Maybe a bit more adventurous with the pose. Some cool forshortening would be great. I know your good at that type of stuff!

hey … listen

asian’s has slower puberty rate …

lol, good one DF. You should of kept his bowl cut, shit is pimped out and he dont have his bright eyes no mo’. But I feel ya, trying to give him a more manly look, which is coo. Have you heard from Gammon? That f00 is MIA.

NIIICE! You’re eyes scare me though.

lonely shepherd.
More like ugly shepherd though lol.

hey… I missed this thread earlier.

I’m gonna focus more on the drawing/compositional aspects on the Rock Lee pic.

  • He seems to be doing the “just bring it” gesture. If so, you should bring it up and to the front so it looks like he means it. Foreshortening can make it pretty cool.
  • his left hand just disappears behind his vest-thing. It’d be so much better if it was doing something, like putting a hand on his hip (to reinforce the cockiness of “just bring it”)
  • His pose looks really uncomfortable. Why is he leaning so? It’s a really unusual pose to be in.
  • too much space around him; crop it a bit and he will have more presence.

I’m guessing some advance planning will help out with these. Pose in front of a mirror if you need references :slight_smile:
keep 'em coming man :slight_smile:

ah…thanks for the tip rook. I’ll definitely keep that in mind next time.

rook, his hand behind his back is his trademark pose.

DF bro, i lovethis picture, i rekon his head looks like its a little far back and to the side, that’s be a bit of strain on his neck hehe, but i love it. i hope he looks more like this in terms of hairstyle than his current look!

Sweet Rock pic. :tup:

I give up.


hehe i saw your comment in the other thread, sorry , i didn’t mean to be a dick, i just guess his character design goes against the grain somewhat.

i’d love to contribute something to this forum except contructive criticism, how does one go from being total crap at drawing to being halfway decent? if i could draw this good i thinki’d have no time for SF.

i tried to draw when i was younger and i just couldn’t visualise the shape of arms and stuff.

oh, no offense taken :slight_smile: Just trying to stop putting my foot into my mouth when it comes to Rock Lee.

hahah nice rock lee

Very Nice Pic :tup: But I’m More Of A Garra Person :devil:

Haha. Gammon? He’s next door. He and I go to the same college. He’s just a bit occupied with work. And I have to get back to my storyboards… I’ll tell him you want some more posting from him.

nto rock lee but good enough!
the character that is. not the art.

Oh, you go to SCAD too? How was Riverstreet? Probably one of the best things to do while in Savannah, I miss my hometown.

Wow, I just learned something just now from this one.:tup:

nobody likes the ugly shepherd!