ROAD TO EVO! People who needs rides =O

:lol: I figured since Lamerboi already made one and more people might need rides or something to Evo from the bay area/norcal I figured to make a separate thread. If this thread needs to be closed be my guest and I’ll just post in Lamerboi’s thread.

I need a ride to and from EVO. Basically the friends I was going to be going with are not going to Evo anymore do to work and flying there at this time would be too expensive for me.

-I would definitely chip in for gas and won’t mind paying up front (just don’t ditch me please)
-I would run on your time.
-I would only be bringing a back pack, a bag and a sleeping bag.
-I’m very friendly
-I would be very greatful
-I don’t steal and can’t stand people that do.

Also I live in union city but if need be (and as long as I can park in a secure spot without getting a ticket) I can drive to your place if it’s between san jose and oakland and san fransico. :wonder:

greyhound is like $60 bucks 1 way but its a 15 hr trip each. ill be flying, got my ticket thru expedia… its roughly $200 roundtrip but it might go down… you never know. but its been up lately cuz of all this USA soccer hype right now.

I can’t help you out D: the ride i have is full to the brim, but for anyone doubting this man, don’t. He is one cool cat, and if anyone can help him out it would be awesome. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Did you ask Dr.B?

Yo Dark Knight! Chop it up with me man, there’s no telling of what might be going down at the moment but get at me. I might have you for a ride at EVO but I can’t make any promises yet.

hhhm, im from sac and need a ride this is a long shot but gues it cant hurt

ok i have a ride to eveo jus need a ride back i have gas muny for the willing person.

:lol: Thanks a bunch for the advice crushing4fame. I’ll be taking the greyhound. :xeye: