Road to Showdown: Texas Showdown 6 Documentary (Sample)

This is a sample of the documentary I WAS working on.

order by appearance:

Koopa Troopa
The Answer
Dark Geese
Hai Nguyen
Chaotic Blue
Shin Kensou
Genius (Westwood)

here is the link: [media=youtube]6b8d7UKiJBY[/media]

Scene one: Koopa Troopa is giving his opinion of Nate. Then he goes up to talk to Nate about the Ibuki vs. Urien match-up in Street Fighter III: Third Strike.

Scene two: Interview with Jeron

Scene three: Players talking about the King of Fighters XI tournament and its’ bracket. Jeron vs. Hai Nguyen in King of Fighters XI.

Scene four: Interview of Hai about his match with Jeron. Interview with Jeron about his match with Hai.

Scene five: Setting up the brackets for Guilty Gear Slash. Argument between Marn and Chaotic Blue

Scene six: Genius and Chaotic Blue interview

Scene seven: Marn’s first match in Guilty Gear Slash

edit: I might post up some more stuff later this week

That was pretty sick dude. Great work!

That was great. I really appreciated those voice-overs… and the player commentary was on point.

Good shit! :tup:

“was”? As in you won’t go any further? :frowning: That was pretty sweet…

Yeah, I do have a lot of left over footage I might release later, but as for now I have to study for finals.

good shit man, hope you find time to release it later, i’m sure a lot of people would like to see it, i know i enjoyed it. good luck on your finals i just took my last one yesturday :tup:

Ahhh, right on. Finals >>> * (until finals are over, heheh)

naysay doing it big. i like the editing. you got skills man. why not make a movie. bang the machine 2 hmm hmm? YBG!


i’m so embarrassed to see myself on video. i guess i am very camera shy, or at least i feel that way.
again, good job naysayism.

when can we expect to see the finished product?

A little to much time on each match. You really didn’t need to show so much of them. Instead, I would have suggested 30-45 seconds /tops/

Maybe never, I really don’t feel like working on it anymore, not enough footage.

That’s what I was trying to do at the time, but since I had no tripod for this project, It was hard to make a good transition or cut to make the matches shorter since the camera was always in motion.

So I just left the match alone

I thought this was supposed to be a documentary, not bitching and whining about a player you can’t beat…

Althought Chaotic Blue barely beat me at TS6… But he did beat me… I must say something…

Oh I <3 you Canadians!

Nice work. I hope you try to do another one on the old skool SF2 scene with all the big dogs from the PRE ST era all the way up to now. It would really be nice!

could some1 post the times when a players so up on the screen? its to sloppy to tell.

marn vs CB fight? yeah cat fight!! :lol:

I seriously do not recall a camera going around recording people, but I do remember some of the events that happened over there.

Also, ZOMG MY CAR WAS TEHR!1! lololol

Good shit tho.

do a documentary of the dips at evo pls

i liked it

I think that documents the scene quite nicely :wonder:

Jesse, I really wouldn’t mind doing a documentary about the scene in the past.

I have some footage of C-Mutt, Cole, and Valle talking about random things and stories. I’ll post that up when I get some time.

because I’m a ninja behind the camera