Road to T5: GGXX results

Good tourny…lots of bs going on

1st X-Sapphire (chipp)
2nd Rock2k2 (johnny)
3rd Tidus (dizzly/sol/johnny)
4th -K2- (may/jam)
tied for 5th DarkDragon (baiken/testament) / Yellow64(potemkin)
tied for 7th Fadi (slayer) / Pui(anji/axl)
last Mike (sol) / Lun (faust) / Anthony(ky/testament)

-Winners finals and the grand finals was recorded by me and NagataLock. Vids will probably be up in the following weeks (no shit).

  • Biggest scam award goes to the X-sapphire vs me match
    -Rock looks like hes getting owned, then all of a sudden he destroys his opponents.

NOTE: looks like the ggxx team will be:
If mtl brings a 5th, then Yellow64 and I have to deal with 5th. After that, those that want a spot must challenge anyone on the team.