Road To Til the Brackets Drop Hyatt Place (Herndon, Va) 8/28/10

registration starts at 12pm
tournament begins at 1pm SHARP

side tournaments at players’ requests

The tournament that we kept putting off has finally returned!

venue fee is $10
Herndon Hotel, Hyatt Place Herndon

team tournament is $5 per teammate

SSF4 Team Tournament 1pm 2v2 (ps3)
2/3 Rounds 99 sec
2/3 Matches
Double Elimination

SSF4 Singles Tournament 4pm (ps3) $5
2/3 Rounds 99 sec
2/3 Matches, 3/5 Winners and Losers Finals, Grand Finals 3/5
Double Elimination

  1. SethP
  2. Havitz
  3. The Mole
  4. KR21Stylez
  5. Aryman
  6. Sevrawr187
  7. Beazy621

Wait, so there is no single’s tourney?

kind of a confusing post
I’ll be there if you do something, probably like to see some more info

singles added just for you.

edit: i didn’t know xanadu already had a monthly for this day. I’ll have to use another date.

ok date fixed. now everyone has time to go to all 100 tournaments in the 200 mile radius that month.

post so i can reference this easily

I’m boycotting DLC characters and ones that involve playing a lot against the computer for BBCS, so if that ends up being ran on my system, they won’t be available.

I put the wrong link for the hotel up. This will be at the same one as the major and will be a run though so to speak with streaming. We have to pay for it but it should be a lot better connection. So its the Sheraton right next to the Hyatt Place we usually go to.

Charlottesville guys might be coming. Keep y’all up to date…

didn’t even catch that. haha sorry. You guys should come up. I actually make the drive to Charlottesville a couple times during the semester. There is a full restaurant and bar at this hotel which is right next to the ballroom. Stream will be up and running in prep for the Major stream.

I’m up there almost every weekend in Reston. My girlfriend just moved there from Springfield. Lemme know when you guys do casuals, too. But yeah, trying to get to know the NoVA comp. Thinking about transferring to GMU next year…

definitely a better school than UVA

coming from the hokie.

Hahaha, Top 3 choices are GMU, UVa, Tech in no particular order of preference. Just looking into getting into a good computer science program…

…but back on topic, @Iconzk9, you guys should try to come down to the Charlottesville tourney on the 21st. I’m trying to get @The Driver and some other folks up. That plus SNES KI MMs ftw…

Yeah Cville should be rolling at least 5 deep to this. Looking forward to a good tournament and meeting more NOVA players! Hope there will be a good turnout.

Sign me up

I’ll make a pre reg list for everyone to see. where is nova?

Sign me up!

KR21Stylez is confirmed for this.

Seems like this may be a good runner-up. I’ll have to check with my best friend to see if we want to make a trip there to take part.