Road To Til The Brackets Drop Results


Thanks everyone for coming out, especially Charlottesville who recorded matches for us and brought a full set up.

Shout outs to Glenn Bleck stealing our players.

SSF4 Teams:

  1. PvP & MagMan
  2. Steve H & Hav
  3. Michael & Andrew Salyer
  4. Zero0o0 & PurBeast
  5. DatNiceGuy & M.Fear
  6. Rugi &Lud
  7. Mole & Driver
  8. Andy & Joseph
  9. JP_FTW & Havitz

SSF4 singles

  1. Lud (Chun Li) $77
  2. Steve H (Fe/Sa) $22
  3. Dark Child (Ba) $11
  4. MagMan (Ru/Ba/Ch)?
  5. Hav (Ab)
  6. KR21Stylez (Ba)
  7. Rugi (Ak)
  8. Jacob “sevrawr” (Bi)
  9. PvP (Bl/Ba)
  10. The Mole (Ba)
  11. PurBeast (Ba)
  12. M. Fear (Se)
  13. The Driver (Bi)
  14. Zero000 (Ke)
  15. BooNasty (Ba)
  16. SmokeMaster (Gu)
  17. Havitz (Ba)
  18. SethP (Ry)
  19. Joseph Harn (Ba)
  20. JP_FTW (Ba)?
  21. Andrew Salyer (Ba)
  22. Edward “Eddy023” Jimenez (Ry)

Fast Food:

  1. Chic fil a
  2. Moes
  3. KFC
  4. Chipotle
  5. Popeyes

Thats all for now. I’ll update more later.


Man this tourney was fucking rigged. not coming again,



yo I was gonna mention milk then cereal but it upset me too much. Stay free during breakfast hours ricardo.


Anyways, I fucked up this tourney. Another 0-2 for me.

Shoutouts to Purbeast for carrying me through teams


Not liking how I did in singles at all. You can use my salt in that food tournament for everyone’s meal.

Luckily team gdlk is still undefeated, for some reason. (???)

Btw Popeyes rapes chipotle. I don’t care if you live in 2 million dollar houses in Herndon lol.

Also, it goes : Bowl -> Cereal -> Milk -> Sugar. That guy was the only one in the venue putting his milk in first rofl.

edit : I played Viper/Rufus/Abel/Chun-Li/Guile/Balrog. But you don’t need to type all that, Rufus/Abel won me the important ones. Must be a sign.


you play all the good characters. Magman is the cheapest.


Food Results


  1. Popeyes
  2. Bojangles
  3. doesnt matter the rest is pretty ass
  4. Chickfila
  5. KFC

Burrito/Mexican Joints

  1. Chipotle
  2. Baha Fresh
  3. Taco Bell
  4. Tippys Tacos
  5. Generic Frozen Burritos
  6. Moes

12 of the 22 entrants played balrog. shit was ridiculous.

shout outs to rogtown coming up. they were gdlk.

gs to all the new people i met today.

everybody got fucked up in singles. saltiest bracket ever.

most hypest moment of the tourney was by far during grand finals. not cause of grand finals but because of the ridiculousness going on about chicken and chipotle.

stay ass rugi.


It was really nice to play in a tournament I wasn’t running. First time in a while…

GGs to everyone.

Also, iconz, does your girl have a sister?


Didn’t somebody ask that, but we gotta make sure.


shout outs to balrog.


Yea shout outs to balrog. Never knew the Rog Army was so vast in this area. Wasn’t expecting to be seeing a whole lot of mirror matches. Good shit to everyone that played. Still hoping to up my game to get better and keep it consistent.

Till next time…

Top Mexican/burrito place is clearly Chipotle.

Top chicken place is clearly Popeyes.


Haha shoutouts to Fastfood Fighter 4 during grand finals

Gg to everyone. Always a good experience when c-ville travels and yesterday was no different.

cereal xx milk fadc delicious


Yeah t was all around an awesome time other then we both scrubbed out! It was pretty fail on that account… Oh well it happens… Is that like 3 1 frame links on that cereal combo… I just keep making such a mess :frowning:

Also RogTown USA stay hype. Finals videos will be up today


yes Avery asked me this already. They’re too young to even mention. Lets all play Juri for the major. Next time we need to officially do HDR and Tekken. Thats brings in about 10 extra people total at least.


Good times at the tournament yesterday. Nice meeting all you guys up north. Hope to play with ya again soon and we can have another food debate.


gg to everyone i played got 2love some food hype milk 1st then cereal thats some mind games there


do it. maybe the slightest mention of chilf will bring eric v out of is hole.


ggs to evryone. Props to Iconzk9 for putting on a nice tournament.

Shouts to Lud for the slices of Chun Li humble pie and everyone else for the pointers in matchups. It was nice to play against the d.c. area guys.

Seriously cereal definitely goes first. It just makes sense.


shout outs to ex chicken wing -> ex chicken wing -> dp setup


This is correct. Because you can go -> cereal xx beer fadc delicious. It’s been done. Ditto on Lud bodying during casuals. I took a round, I’m proud of it. Shoutout to rugi on the footsies exhibit. M. FEAR, I promise I’ll capture a match one of these days >_<

Chipotle = gdlk tier. That is all.