Robert Rodriguez to Write and Direct Johnny Quest film

I know this was announced back in May but I’m just learning about this now. I’m a fan of Rodriguez work and I loved the 90s reboot of Johnny Quest as a kid. This property isn’t a difficult one to adapt. Hoping for the best.

I fucked up. Can you move to GD.

And here I am sitting thinking “What the fuck does this have to do with SF5?”

Race Bannon confirmed for SFV!!

Yo, we better get The Real Adventures theme playing at some point during this movie…

Damn I was just seeing the other day I thought a Johnny Quest movie would be cool.

Action Johnny better be in this bitch.

Eh, it’s just a really good orchestral version of the old theme, so I think a movie version might either be similar or pull something different. (also, props for mentioning The Real Adventures).

Heh, nice news to brighten up my evening.

Robert Rodriguez could do this justice.

The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest was an excellent series. It also had a lot of mature and ethical themes for a US cartoon.

Oh and this just reminded me I have to see Jonny Quest vs the Cyber Insects again.

Yeah really looking forward to this flick, because Rodriguez’ other kids films are so great.

Cant remember the last time Rodriguez made a good movie tbh, was it Dust till Dawn?

I really enjoyed Machete and Sin City, but I hated his grindhouse movie. Machete 2 was pretty bad, and Sin City 2 was kind of meh. Eva Green being naked through most of the movie still couldn’t save it.

Man, i need to get the ol’ Toonami episodes somehow, that show was on point. I can still remember the Amok episode.

Seriously though Johny Quest was fucking awesome. I’m still salty about the elephants episode though :frowning: