Robin Williams found dead. Probably suicide



beat me to it, wtf this has to be a hoax.

Or are comedians doomed to suicide for the most part?

edit: this is creepy, everybody and their mother is messaging me about this shit. Like all at once, the internet announced that Robin Williams is dead.


Wtf, totally unexpected


dude named his son after Cody?

Mork was dope to me.



2014 is on a mission to kill off my childhood.

RIP Mr. Williams… May you continue the laughs in the next world.




sounds like he hung himself

he wasn’t in the same club as Carradine, was he?


No fucking way.




2014 has claimed many of high renown, but it took Williams too? That’s not even out of left field. That shit crash landed in from a different galaxy.

We need to keep eyes on Zelda to see if this is real or not. If its real she will be the first credible source.


my childhood, between hook, mrs. doubtfire, good will hunting, dead poet’s society, etc. this is just…too much

we love you mr. williams


Maybe the report that says it’s fake is fake?


Hmmm…more sources are reporting it as well…

Could very well be true. :sad:



This hurts.

Williams was one of the worlds finest comedians and a master at his craft. He will be missed and missed dearly.


I usually don’t care about these celebrity deaths. This one really is too bad, though.



I went through a phase when I sat on the couch this way to watch TV:


For the past month I’ve been watching Robin William interviews on youtube, then this happens… He has a lot of haters in Australia who’ll be loving this. “WTF” is an understatement.

Lantis, its not a hoax. He’s dead.


But you know what he’d do.

If you’re feeling down, remember: it’s not your fault.

It’s not your fault.

…It’s not your fault.