Robin Williams found dead. Probably suicide

R.I.P Genie.

Talent showcase:


Shit I was hoping this was fake. Then I went to CNN and it’s on the front page. Dammit.

I don’t know why this hits so much harder than the other actors/comedians.

It’s just from left field, the whole thing.

lol no way was I touching that, although wtf, why not see how many litres of fluid I lose watching that.

I’m gonna wake up Christmas morning and find Weird Al’s head in a box, just to add insult to injury for this year. New Years ball is gonna kill somebody this year.

John Belushi’s death, possible end of his career, I’m hearing maybe he was terminally ill, years of severe drug abuse, crazy shit rich people do for entertainment finally catching up to him.

man, I was drinking tonight, having a good time, then WHAM…this. Fucking really just fucked this evening up.

This guy.

Depression can consume you.


ChrisG scumbag status just went up 3 notches. :mad:

Yeah fuck Chris G. He is a douche to the max. FTP.

RIP Robin.

Damn! He was a legit funny guy. One of the few actors that really made me laugh and cry. His death deserves a tear from my eye.

That attempted suicide scene from patch adams flashes in my mind.

Robin always seemed almost out of place in this world. He had a unique sense about him, and I believe that is why many found him so endearing.

I can understand struggling with severe depression and suicide. It’s a burden I’ve often struggled with in my own life.

Because of this, I cannot say that I blame him for wanting to be free from this world. I just hope that he has found some measure of peace.

Wow… Way for him to not understand mental illness. Fuckin’ scumbag.

Unbelievable. It’s hard to guess who is dealing with mental conditions, but this is really surprising.

Chris G is probably still salty over EVO 2014. Such disrespect.

Update: He just lost about 70 1000 followers and counting on Twitter just for saying that.

He was funny, eccentric, and has a huge body of work.

Mrs Doubtfire was my favorite comedy

wow…and I was just watching the Family Guy episode where Peter had the ability to turn everyone he touched into Robin Williams…smh…

.I have faint memories of him in the 80’s doing stand up like Comic Relief and Mork and Mindy re runs on Nike at Nite…

I liked a few of his movies…here comes the onslaught of Ms. Doubtfire showings on cable network TV this weekend…

Just heard this on NPR, in some ways I’m sad I didn’t get to make the thread. There’s just not much fuck it damn.

I’m just so fucking sad.

Chris G should just stick to playing games

Shut the fuck up zoolander

“I don’t respect it”

Man, it’s not a wakeup ultra or something, it’s someone’s life.