=Robocop Thread= Can you fly, Bobby?



I was just reading up on the Aronofsky movie and now its been delayed to 2011?
as per http://www.robocoparchive.com/

but that its going to be rated R is going to make it the best remake ever… since nolan took over the reigns for bats

nothing will beat the original though, red forman is the best villain ever, fucking evil clarence
such a brutal death scene http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=related&v=sy7iaH1GLK4
and also best theme song ever

bitches, leave


Holy Christ! Robocop remake? Why am I just hearing about this? I hope they keep all the cheesy comercials. Too many good quotes:

“Can I have you BOTH?! I’ll buy that for a dollar!”


“Dead or alive, your coming with me” -MUST BE IN THE reboot or fail

also what volvox said…“i’ll buy that for a dollar!”


You forgot: “Sure! We’ve had our shots!”


All i’m asking for is when this movie comes out, some car manufacturer (probably GM or Ford) actually releases a SUX6000.


must have ed-209 or fail as well
aronofsky should know all this though



I rather see a Kimba the White Lion remake.

Oh, wait. that’s already been done with the Lion King.

Well, if this happens I just hope they do it right.


Kanye west gotta be in it.:smokin:


im watching part 1 right now
and im still surprised how jones input directive 4 into robocop with morton running the project
unless he did it behind closed doors… meh


No joke, this scene scared me when i was 5. It’s funny how Robocop became popular with kids after the first movie was released. I liked the cartoon and played with the action figures, so i thought it would be fun to watch. Big mistake. :sad:

I still love the movie. I just have to avoid that scene whenever i watch it. Even when i watched the Robocop rap:



robocop is fucking gdlk. one of my fav movies actually. heard bout this a while back. sucks that its getting pushed back.


wow that rap is soooo gdlk

and wow #2… [media=youtube]ovi-djkUgd0&feature=related[/media]
like my 4th favourite movie ever made, goddamn this guy has good taste


The original was put together by solid pieces from all directions, from the suit designer to the guy who did the sound effects for the Robocop walk, to the location scouts and casting agents, and of course the writers and not to forget the lead actor who completed the RoboCop persona, and Mr. Foot-up-your-ass as the ruthless outlaw.

I gotta get RoboCop 1 on Blu-Ray…

Or should I wait and buy it on Purple-Ray right before I die?


its terrible on blu ray
i only got it because i love it that much and it was 9 bucks lol


I hope he gets killed in the opening credits. Or is the guy in the [media=youtube]VyuKEK7wmsw"[/media] commercial.





lol @ bttf3 music hahahaha


Wait for a re-release with better PQ.


I was so hyped for this, and now, a delay more. Well, i think i’m going to eat some fried chicken [media=youtube]7pOoSe2K5DU[/media]

EDIT: Damn, hive mind… or well, at least [media=youtube]U0Gpd0U9ECo[/media] hasn’t posted yet.