Robot Unicorn Attack

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This is…I can’t find the words for it. Mindblowing to say the least. Holy madness it’s so beautiful.

Holding the jump button down causes your jump to reach higher, up to a maximum amount, at which point you will begin to arc downwards once again.

When you dash, you are commited to the dash for the first 90% of its duration, during which it is uninterruptible. You can jump-cancel out of the last split second of the dash. What’s interesting is the colour-blur-streak animation finishes for you anyway, though. What’s really interesting is that when the colour animation and the speed boost ends, the dash is only about 95% complete. The very very last split second can still destroy the star obstacles for you, even though you already appear to be moving normally again by all accounts. After the dash has 100% completed, there is a cooldown period of about one quarter of a second before you can perform a second dash. Note that dashing also raises your feet a hair off the ground so, unless you’re running uphill, all airborne rules (as described below) begin to apply.

Touching the ground completely resets all jumping and dashing ability.

You can either jump or dash (on flat ground, on a downhill slope, or off an edge) to get off of the ground and become airborne.

If you left the ground by dashing, you can perform a second dash in the air after waiting that base cooldown period of about a quarter of a second.
If you left the ground by jumping, you can perform a dash as soon as you wish.

If you left the ground by dashing, you can perform a midair jump as soon as the dash becomes cancellable.
If you left the ground by jumping, you can perform a second jump as soon as you wish.

(For all intents and purposes, you can treat all cases of dashing off of the ground as though it was a first midair dash, in terms of resolving how your subsequent possible actions are governed by the midair rules.)

Every time you dash in the air, it allows you to perform one midair jump anytime after that dash becomes cancellable, but before another midair dash is performed. (That is to say, performing multiple successive dashes resets the jump-ability each time, and does not allow you to accumulate a stock of allowed successive jumps.)

Each time you perform a dash in the air beyond the first (using a dash to get off the ground does count that one as the first), the cooldown period increases before you can perform another midair dash. Time between the first and second dash is the base time of about a quarter of a second. Time between your second and third dash is about a half a second. Time between your third and fourth dash is about one second. I haven’t been able to try any more than that but I would assume it continues to double each time.

So long as you have waited that required cooldown period since your last dash, you can perform another midair dash at any time.

As alluded by PuFF, there exists a glitch (it seems to be, anyway) where holding the jump button until you perform a midair dash resets the cooldown time back to that base amount of a quarter second. So if you jump, hold jump and dash, jump, hold jump and dash, you can approximately maintain your current height indefinitely (you do bob up and down a little bit) without needing to touch the ground. If you stop using the glitch during this floatfloatfloat, cooldown will begin increasing from that point (starting with a half second for your next dash). You can always redo the glitch on any later jump to reset cooldown back to a quarter second, though. Remember, you can of course always delay your next dash for as long as you like anyway, so there is never any reason to NOT perform the reset glitch, unless you cannot afford that tiny increase in height caused by the next jump you use to re-activate it.

Some miscellaneous notes:

Scrolling speed appears to increase at the 5000 points mark, at 10000, at 15000, at 20000, and presumably continues to do so at those 5000 point intervals.

The game may run a little more smoothly in IE8 than in Firefox 3. I’m not sure about this, though.

Hitting “ceilings” and, depending on the angle, even some stalactites will rebound you downwards.

I teleported through the floor once. I think it happened when I tried to jump-cancel a reset-glitched dash on the same frame that it destroyed a star while I was right along the ground. It just instantly teleported me vertically from right on top of the top surface to right underneath its bottom surface. I have not been able to reproduce this. It would be a pretty lame bug if you’re having a good run.

The killing height for falling down off the screen is actually about three or four horse-heights below the edge of our view. You can actually fly under some islands and come up onto the screen again after, but I’ve been unable to gain enough height in time to avoid smacking into the front of the next island.

So basically, SRK. :cool:. I wrote that just now. Me, Shinakumax

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Music is fucking amazing. 10/10.

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