Robotic Limbs Controlled by Thought


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From Yiib:

So…would this be considered a breakthrough? I’m not very knowledge heavy on the current state of prosthetic technology, but I’ve never seen anything like this in real life. I’m assuming that given the next few years we’ll have the technology to replace full limbs that are just as functional as real ones.

Imagine people that have been lame all of their life, being able to walk again. Or hell, for the first time. :eek:


Lets stop this shit before it back fires and ends up causing the end of humanity.


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The article you linked was a summary copy and pasted by a high school senior.
Here is the real source, it includes a link to the published paper:


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Actually a sophsticated computer virus that infects computers and wants to wipe out humanity is way more feasible than giant mechs with a ton of flexibility and mobility.

However cybernetic implants could very well be a positive thing. But it will certainly prolong a lot of lifespans. I can imagine at this rate the life expectency will easily average 90-100 years at this rate.


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Skynet vs Gundams is an interesting matchup. But AMERICA FUCK YEAH!!! might lose by getting cheaper products from China and their Skydams knockoffs.


How is that an interesting match? Skynet would just make a computer virus to shut that shit down. Everything about giant mechs is dumb in a real life scenario. All the resources needed just to build one is out of this world. Just build something that can fly and shoot precision missiles and be done with it. For interiors your need Batteries Not Included style robots but with guns.


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Shit like this is just inspiring. Bravo to the team that created this.

You can better believe I’m getting a bad-ass cybernetic eye to replace the fucked up one the first chance I get.


No it’s not a breakthrough. We’ve been decoding neuronal signals from motor cortex for about 25 years now successfully (if you count direct electrode recording techniques, I don’t know how long).

So far, population vector coding is the best model to decode neuronal signals for upper motor limbs such as the arms. digits and other fine motor control have yet to be fully understood in M1 (motor cortex 1). Neural prosthesis for legs is currently a longshot due to all of the anti-gravity central patterns, vestibular efferents etc. I am willing to explain further.

This is actually area of interest in neuroscience/biomedical engineering.


Ghost in the Shell. Then we can look forward to A.I. evolving into another state of consciousness and being recognized as another living thing.




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