Robust Joysticks


Hi, new here. I wanted to ask about these, if any members here know the maker and what people think about these sticks in general. just purchsed one on Ebay because i was not paying a premium for an HRAP EX. and because im a shooter nut and might swap out the HAPP for an Ultimarc Mag Stick in the future. Thanks


Haven’t heard of them but I looked it up. They look nice for custom and resemble MAS sticks. I have to say that the guy is ballsy (if not dumb) for using licensed art work. Hopefully he doesn’t get his listing pulled for that.


? All Art is copyright by their rightful owners and is from a collection of fan art sent to me for custom orders.

Taken from the item description, sounds confusing. Dont know i that means it legal r not. Anyway he has some positive feeds for a new stick builder so far. Cant wait!

He also has a Mysapce page, in one pic he has a stick with a small LCD screen with character moves on it, nice. Nobody here knows this guy, member maybe?