Rochester, NY SF4 Ranbats 02/20/10

9 people showed, it’s a start for the first Ranbat of the Area for 2010! Tournament was ran Round Robin at my apartment. I’m using the old scoring system Phil used before.


  1. Grifter (Akuma/Ryu) (8 points) 8 wins
  2. Minh (Ken/Guile) (5 Points) 6 wins
  3. Quang (Boxer) (5 Points) 6 wins
  4. Goliath (Cammy/Ryu) (4 Points) 5 wins
  5. Comic-Z (Ryu) (4 Points) 5 wins
  6. CuddlyVoodDoo (Sagat) (2 Points) 3 wins

Everyone else(1 Point)
Rorec (Viper) 2 wins
Vinh (Chun) 1 wins
Shy-KO (Dictator) 0 wins

A big thank you to everyone that came and not trashing the place! And hopefully we will get to see the scene grow with the release of SSFIV coming very very soon! After Finals clear up, I’ll give the date for the next Ranbat, reminder to the Rochester folks, there is a tournament in Syracuse next Saturday!

Edit: rank changes due to minor error in excel and round robin scoring

I thought 1 win = 1 point? shouldnt minh and quang have 6 points? me and ed have 5, and jess with 3?

Took a look at Phil’s old scoring and did it based on that. Reason I didn’t want to do it by wins is cause later if we do get 16+ and do a bracket instead, it’s gonna get messy.

Should the same system apply to round robins?

Regardless, RRs are a blast and we should keep this up! Thanks for running these.