Rochester NY, SF4 tourney 5/3 Results


Results from Arena 51 SF4 tournament:

1: Grifter
2: Jinxedrat
3: Ray
4: Nam Nguyen
5: Paul R.
5: Liquid
6: Luis
6: Hokogen (sp*)
7:Ya’nick (sp*)

Congrats to top 3. Great bouts throughout the tourney.


Thanks for posting this. The round robin setup was great! We should get more of these going at Arena.

You had the bracket? Weren’t there 12 people?

Is it really spelled “Ya’nick?”:rofl:


Fun tourny, good setup, congrats to the winners!!

We definately need to have more of these


grifter are you by any chance the same guy that used to play tekken tag in ithaca with king??


Damn Grifter, you still playing?! Good shit! Maybe we can get another barnage going on one day, get you rochester fools to come down once more. Good shit on your win. :slight_smile:


Didn’t know there was going to be a tourney in Roch. Where was is held?



AMT! Where are you living now?

I’ve been playing on and off. How you liking SF4? Barnages are still going?


I live in Brooklyn, and no… we haven’t had a barnage since I think the 2nd one but my boy has one in Connecticut and I was thinking of reviving it for nostalgic purposes haha.

I love SF4 by the way, the game is just too much fun! I feel like a2 just came out again.