Rock 101.



I’m suprised that I haven’t seen a whole lot of Rock players at Evo and stuff I’ve heard Rosas plays him a bit…Wong too, thats about it. I’m not gonna sit here and bore all of the seasoned players with the tactics I think are good but for the players who wish to become good with Rock I’ll teach you what i’ve learned, Rock is good VERY good but ONLY with a FULL meter preferably N, but I like C cause of the hop…but any way. To master a charachter like Rock you have to build the team around him, it’s simple Geese, Terry, and of course Rock is a power house team. The play mechanics are essentially the same so therefore you learn something about Rock by playing Geese and vice-versa, like how Geese’s D.Rep(fireball) will stop Hondas H.B, and Blankas Roll, however Rocks will not. The Rage Shift>Shinku Nage is invaluable don’t buy into other peoples claims, like it’s predictable hah if you TIME the shift the moment the opponent uses stong or forward attacks the shift will complete and guess what’s next that’s right up up and away they go with a Shinku Nage.

  On the same note jabs ruin his Rage Shift game as well as long range attacks, but that's what his dashing elbow is for use it with caution ......I hardley ever use this move at all(unless I RC it which I can't..LOL). Rock is a corner character he can and WILL totally confuse his opponents with his agility speed and most important of all the overwhelming usefulness of his supers thats Rocks main strength he has like 10 different options against lets say Ryu or Ken's 5, it's so crazy how Rock can get in your head, but as I stated above he is good with a FULL meter if you miss any supers its relatively safe to call it game over unless your R.Ortiz , or Wong. 

  Next RUN LIKE HELL , by all means if Vega can do it so can Rock get the opponent all flustered then the MISTAKES come of course this is all basics you know.....! Play FROM the corner not IN the corner two totally different things, playing IN the corner allows the opponent to think 2 or maybe 3 moves ahead of you, in other words he knows that your scared of him, which ironicaly is a good thing, his Raging Storm will work miracles if your patient enough.

  Now to the counters these can be good or bad depending on the players skill level there is little I can tell you of these techniques, but what I do in battle with him when the time is right is, I try to get in my opponents head by throwing high Crack counters to make him/her THINK I will counter there attack , and they think "Ha all I'm gonna do is jump in with no attack and punish his mistake!" If you have N-Groove and more than one power meter, bust while he is in mid-air and Raging Storm.

            Next up is his Shinku Nage> Super techniqes, if you in the middle of the playing field and have a level 3, Shinku Nage>cancel (2 punches simutaniously to execute) then let them have the level 3 Shine Knuckle, in the corner Shinku Nage> Nage Blast (realese the charge AFTER the Shinku Nage) early, then S.RH or C.RH Lv.3 Raging Storm. In the corner is where I've found his Double Rempuken to be the most useful if you have a Lv.3 stored they will note DARE ANYTHING after the D.Remp, for fear of the Raging Storm. A great way to set up the Shinku Nage is as simple as a St.Sh, it will catch about 40-50% of the time because everyone is always expecting a follow up to the short, after you land that set up like 2 times, standing short>Raging Storm. 

I’m kinda tired of typing now but I’ll revise this shortly and yes there are techniqes I have yet to apply to this text just give me a little time, as for the players who wish to inquire knowledge of the said charachter i’ll try my best to tell you all that i know…peace


Fabio totally agrees until the point you say u can use the shinkuu nage throw. Fabio cannot find any opportunities to use it, since it practically is only useful against rolls. Tick throwing into shinkuu nage is kinda funky for Fabio.

One more screwed part about the essay is how u say counters can be used. In Fabio’s opinion high counters are useless…why don’t u use a Raging Storm or a standing rh? Counters are useless IFO. If you miss one the lag is enough to end up getting u supered.



Ummm…, the shinkuu nage throw can be very useful. Just because you don’t know how to use it doesn’t means its not a good technique. Try to qcb mk or rh into a shinkuu or you can dash into it. I like dashing into it when they are getting up, most people won’t expect that.

You are wrong about high counters too dude. High counters aren’t just for jump in’s, its for countering special attacks as well because all special attacks are considered to be high attacks no matter how low they may seem, example cammy’s cannon drill. Too bad Rock can’t high counter supers like his father, but it’s good enough for me. I do agree that a s.rh is better for jump in’s because its stronger, but against Haohmaru (the guy with the sword, i don’t know the spelling of his name) you would have to use a high counter because his j.fp is one of the few things that beats out rocks s.rh. Well, Haohmarus j.fp will either beat or trade with rocks s.rh, but in haohmarus favor.




qcb mk or rage run type save sucks. Fabio never will ever use that technique again. Though Rage run type shift is good for the cross-over shinkuu nage.

Fabio did not know you could high counter moves like the cannon drill??? Oh well something to try in the old training mode.

Are u shitting fabio:eek:


The high counters is for all special attacks excluding projectiles of coarse. But, rocks crack shoot counter will sometimes miss… example - cammy’s cannon drill, vice’s sleave whip throw thing(only if she is too far.) Almost everything else he will counter. And the drill, it will miss if she does her drill from maximum distance. By the time she gets to you, rock will still do the crack shoot counter, but it will miss her because she is too low.

But almost every other special attack, rocks high counter should hit. All DP’s, charge moves - phyco crusher, blanka ball, flash kick, honda headbutt… and everything else.


if you used qcb mk, you done fucked up…

Dash into 360 throw is good once the opponent starts turtling, but rocks offense isn’t really solid enough to get someone to block

s. rh for anti-air… Don’t use the counter unless something painfully obvious is coming and it’s the only way you can stop it.

his sweep is fuckin good, use it.

I don’t use rock in run grooves anymore because i like his hop a lot. in c-groove, cancel any supers into a strong elbow unless they are in the corner, in which case do a fierce rising tackle

elbows usually can’t be punished if you do it from the right distance. I see no reason to ever use the fierce elbow.

standing strong, standing forward, and sweeps are his only decent pokes (maybe crouching forward). they still suck for the most part when compared to the top tier characters.

You don’t need a super for rock, he can build meter on his own just fine contrary to what the guy who started this thread said.

deadly rave isn’t really worth it because the other supers are way better… deadly rave is only good if you need to chip the opponent to death (the last hit takes a good 5 or 6 ticks off)

rc the roundhouse rage run on wake up, it’s superduper.
Rock’s rc’s aren’t really all that worthwhile unless you can rc 360’s well, which i can’t.


Well, the deadly rave is good if you are using a N groove Rock because if you have 3 stocks you have use a c.rh as the 10 th hit into a level 1 rage storm.


Actually the damage on that isn’t that great.

After the last hit you can either s.rk into

lvl.1 shine knuckle
fp hard edge

Preferably the fp hard edge is better. Since the level 1 raging storm damage is pretty pathetic. And it doesn’t waste a level.

Or you instead of using the last rk u can fp rising tackle.

N-groove Rock is the best. Stock break = golden


Anyone remember how to do rocks teleport glitch?

Ok let's see you fight someone who is actually good and put Rock first, let's face it pal chances are you won't fare too well, the only way to get in your oponents mind with Rock is when you have a full meter, of course it all depends on the players skill level, MY personal opinion is that if you strategicaly position Rock 2nd or 3rd he will more than likely start with a full meter and you will be in the posistion to beat your foe into submission.

          Hey Arvell whats up man are you talking about the glitch where he Rage Shifts and is still on the same side, if thats it all you have to do is jumping Roundhouse>St.Roundhouse >Rage Shift, you MUST jump in with a Deep Roundhouse for this to work it's hard to do, good luck trying to make use of it.


wtf, if you’re facing someone good… If you’re good enough, you aren’t going to be completely dependant upon a super to win… besides, what happens once you have a super… If the other person is good they should bait you into wasting it or give you no opportunity… Even if you hit the super, you’d still lose if the thing doesn’t kill the opponent by your logic… Putting rock “strategically” 2nd or 3rd isn’t necessary, since most characters that you should be using have better supers anyways.

Deadly rave cancels aren’t worth it… you hardly get any damage bonus from doing them… using that extra super does shit with the damage buffering. Just stick to the shine knuckle if you want a horizontal super.

rock needs a cross up or something, then he’d be tight.


i use rock first, is that good?


Only if you are in S or K Groove. You use S groove for Dodge, not supers. K Groove charges to Max VERY quickly (if you can Just Defend, which you should be able to do if you’re picking K groove). However, you pick K Groove for Just Defend and Rage; Level 3 supers take a backseat to Rage.

Rock’s supers are VERY useful (L1 Raging Storm and L3/MAX Shine Knuckle should be Rock’s supers of choice). If you are playing C/N/P grooves, he should be at least the second character. He should have a full meter for C and P, and at least two stocks for N. P Groove, you don’t really rely on supers; P Groove is for parry, but a parry sets up a Shine Knuckle (if you’re fast) so having a full meter from the start is a good thing. Since Rock probably won’t be able to fill an entire meter on his own, he’s not a good choice for your first character.

I use Rock in C-Groove, because I’m a Super Combo-happy person.

As for Ratios, Ratio 1 or 2 is best; I use Ratio 2 (Since I save all my meter for him). Ratio 4 isn’t a good choice for two reasons: One: He doesn’t start with a full meter (since he’s automatically your first character for obvious reasons), and Two: He’s not a character who’s reliant on quick finishes. Ratio 3 MIGHT work, but you better have a very good R1 character out first that can hold their own for a while. R1 and 2 are probably the best choices


my opinions on this post… k groove… you Do pick it for the lvl 3 supers… shit… if you don’t just defend, you get 2 powerful lvl 3’s per round, and thats all you need to beat someone. parry into shine knuckle is useless since it has invincibility frames… if they jump, you should be raging storming that shit anyways… s groove rock sucks, don’t use him because he desperately needs a way to move forward due to shitty horizontal pokes.


I use P-Rock, and it’s kind of weird. It’s like if I can see an attack coming so that I can Parry it, shouldn’t I just Crack Counter it? The only benfit I can see in the counters is that they turn the momentum back around to your favor, or keep your momentum, or whatever. Using it as a reversal when someone gets prefictable with their pressure strings is good, or baiting wake-up Dp’s, but all in all, I can’t see any real reason to use it. Sure it can screw with your oppenents head, but it messes with you just as much because then they can try to bait it.
Anyway, with my Rock, I just try to control the flow of the match. Rushdown one minute, keep away the next. I’ve found that, for me, Rock’s ideal range is at the tip of his Jab Hard Edge. People like to try and punish it, but you recover in time. I don’t know, just try to have a solid ground game and make sure you have them playing at your pace.
And what do you guys think of the Rage Run-Dunk? I’ve been able to use it oncle in a while. Like when standing over a downed opponent whiffing Cr. Shorts, then go into it as they get up. But it gets beat out by a lot of stuff.

I wish rock had a cross-up.:bluu: If you hit really deep with J.Fierce against taller characters you can get it to cross-up sometimes, but not consistently.


rage run dunk

I think you have it right…, its not entirely worthless, but its not worth using often. Its ok to use if you are close and they are crouching and sometimes you can use it after you knock them down. I’d say just once a match would be enough if you remember to risk using it. If it hits, then yay, if not then oh well.

I’m not bummed about rock’s lack of a cross up. I basically play a zoning rock. I just walk back and worth and wait for them to come in, ducking every few paces. I think that rock is hella better in K groove, but like his daddy, he got some beneifts in p too, although i would rather have rock with run.


I use C rock/cammy/terryR2, any recomendations? R2 Terry stays!


I’ve always considered the main advantage of a full K-Groove meter the Rage; Huge damage bonus and damage resistance helps. I’m not saying that the Level 3 Super isn’t useful; it is. However, I find Rage more useful. Though, if I have the opportunity for a Level 3, then I will use it.

P-Groove; I’m not talking about parrying ONLY jump attacks. Predictable pokes are parry-bait, too. It seems that you can use the “parry freeze” to get off a Shine Knuckle, but I haven’t tried it, because I suck at parrying.

Rock’s roll sucks, badly. Third worst in the game, with Cammy’s and Chang’s being worse. You don’t want to roll too much with Rock, as his roll is too long and will get him into trouble.

About Crack Counters, they are nice to have, but you shouldn’t rely on them too much; maybe against a predictable poke-happy maniac. The Crack Counter will also not work against Blanka’s df+HP and Dhalsim’s slides; the counterattack will miss.


i hate rock. he looks so gay.