Rock 360 throw

I saw in tournament movies that rock players make specials or whatever after the 360 move. I only know how the laser thing is working, but don’t know about the other moves you’re able to practice.
I tried to do some special after the 360 throw, but it didn’t work.
How are the commands?


PPP breaks the command throw. If held down the laser comes out if tapped it simply cancels the throw so you can follow it up with specials/supers/CC

when i have to push PPP exactly to break the throw? sometimes it works, sometimes it won’t

I find that if you tap them a couple times while the opponent is in your hands above your head it works nicely. Hard to time the buttons regardless of how you look at it. Also, if you’ve tossed them into the corner go ahead and do the “laser” hit and then go for the qcf,qcf+k super. Or better yet, in A-groove activate custom and do whatever. I like to end customs with a couple rising tackles followed by raging storm. Looks so pretty >:)

i’ve pulled this move out once out of the million times i’ve attempted it

you guys need help doing this? it took me a while to get but it’s really necessary to what rock can do… heres how to do it

  1. get comfortable with the 360 motion.

  2. every time you do the 360… do this… move the joystick 360 then tap punch, then tap all three punches… the interval inbetween the punch and 3 punches should be the same as if you were going to combo 2 jabs after one another… just tap tap

  3. get used to either holding the 3 punches to throw the fireblast or just tapping them to cancel the stun.

  4. practice on a stick… doing this is the same as learning the timing on any combo… it’s just a lot of repetition in your movements until it becomes second nature

  5. eventually get comfortable enough to where you can use the throw as a tactic instead of a novelty… you shouldn’t have to try to do this move.

some easy ways to get the 360 out

  1. if you have a dash- double tap forward to dash… during the dash start the 360 motion, start by holding forward and rotating counterclockwise… at the end of your dash, push punch.

  2. you can do the same thing as number 1 off of a standing short… push short, and do the motion while the short is coming out. press punch after the short has ended

  3. jump… start the motion in the air and push punch when you land

  4. to do a 360, you don’t have to move the stick in a complete 360 degree motion… if you are fast enough, you can do a half circle back, but go all the way to up/back… then tap punch… i think capcom put this in because the idea behind having a 360 motion is pretty dumb in the first place.

Yeah I don’t think using a different strength punch for the 360 does any noticeable difference in damage, so you can just use PPP when you 360 instead of just P and then trying to mash PPP real quick.

I usually 360+PPPx2 really quick. Maybe once in ten times I’ll mess up and get a Rasaka when I don’t want it, otherwise I get the cancel.

Same here… I was going to say exactly that. In the corner it’s the best thing under the sky. lvl2 raging storm into the lvl1 raging storm is pretty damaging.


Was the standing short example similar to tick-throwing?

While we’re talking about the command throw, has anybody tried to RC the rage run shift with any results? I’ve done it several times, but only with that run where he stops short and does nothing. I don’t think the invincibility would last long enough to throw, but maybe up close it would.
I’ve haven’t played Rock in a while, but I always thought breaking the 360 into Shine Knuckle was some cool shit, ala Hibiki’s counter into her dash super… I think maybe his dash is his best setup… I think I jumped in once with roundhouse too and did the 360.
I don’t think the latter is really all that safe.

Got this idea of my brother’s RC’d God Presses. Haven’t been able to pull it off though because I’m not coordinated enough to do so many motions on PS2 controllers, which is all we have to practice with.

roll cancelling the rage run isn’t really all that necessary since the thing has a shitload of invincibility as you’re running through them. if you are actually thinking about roll cancelling the short run from up close then doing 360, might as well roll cancel a counter from up close then do the 360… both of which i do not recommend. the short into 360… yes that is a tick throw… but it’s an untechable one.

how come i can cancel with only pressing 2 punches? is it only for the dreamcast? or does this work in the arcade as well/

a better but harder combo is:

In the corner. 360 -> laser -> lvl2 shine knuckle xx lvl1 raging storm.

True dat, I just suck at timing the laser so they fall in the wake of the blast. My overall timing is sucky, so that’s why.

You’re right, you CAN cancel with 2 buttons. I kind of forgot about that, but PPPx2 is the braindead easy way to do it on a stick.

Pretty much everything that says 3p/3k can be done using 2 p’s, in pretty much every SF.

ok here’s something i found out w/ rock after playing around a bit on A-Groove…

(activate) fierce hard edge xN*, pause, 360p, tap PPP, super/CC of your choice

I haven’t tried out any CC’s after the throw just yet but IMO it’s an OK setup…not exactly the most damaging thing you can do w/ A-Rock but hey…it works

*xN meaning it’s your choice however many hard edges you want to pop in, and depending on how many you do, the less time you have for the rest of the CC…OR you can keep at the hard edge, throw then shine knuckle…again not really THAT damaging, but fun to do :slight_smile:

EDIT: Paroozed through Gunter’s A-Groove site and found something very interesting…Rock’s Guard Crush combo…

c.forward, [c.fierce x5, Fierce Hard Edge] xN

why not throw after that last hard edge…yeah? :slight_smile:

How do you guys setup for your throw?
For me I usually go for it after the dunk move and catch people on the wake up.It worked better in Garou but i cant complain to much.

I can actually see some uses to RC’ing it to go through pokes, fireballs etc and land the Shinku Nage while they’re in recovery. Going through them and “disappearing” once you reach them is a given, but that’s not gonna help you close the gap in the first place. Of course this move is still ass and you’d almost have do it before they stick anything out, but RC’ing it can only make it better.

Yeah, I figured that about a sweep distance away it was a marked improvement for the shift to 360.
Now I think the 360 is better ticked into. I like UCrollerblader’s lk to 360, it’s pretty effective as far as damage.
I like j.rh, s.fp XX shift, 360 just as much.

majestro says i should try 360, break, s.rh xx raging storm(corner only)
instead of 360, break, raging storm

since my sticks are broken right now, i’m wonder how difficult is is to pull off s.rh xx raging storm after a 360 throw? is it worth learning? is there some difficult timing to it?

i’m just wondering because 360,break, lvl3 raging storm does a ton of damage already…