Rock and Roll Legend Chuck Berry has passed away


Often imitated…NEVER duplicated.

Rest in Power Legend.


I honestly assumed the dude was already dead years ago. RIP.


Yeah…about that:


He was 90, so his time was coming close. But it’s still a sad day when a legend passes away.


Merged both threads.



funny story tho.


god fucking yoko ono thank god they cut her later that night.


Thought this dude died years ago as well, whelp.

RIP the most influential musician of all time I guess.


No, no. Not “I guess”.

It’s a damn shame that a lot of people don’t realize this. In the scheme of SRK RIP threads for celebrities, Chuck Berry is by far the most important and it’s sad that he will only get 2 pages max.

Chuck Berry obliterates the likes of; Scott Weiland, Glenn Frey, David Bowie, Whitney Houston, George Michael, Prince, Ray Manzarek, Etta James, Davy Jones, etc.

Chuck Berry might not be as popular as Elvis or Michael Jackson, but he is more important. And for the youngsters, believe it or not, he is even more important than Wiz Khalifa and Drake!


That Yoko Ono clip is probably one of the most famous videos of her. She still does that stupid shit, too, and she has fans.

New York is weird.

I didn’t know Chuck Berry was weird like this…
Gotta love this song.


The real king of rock.


Yeah, I just found that out after watching the news one day. Seems like we’re losing more talented people in favor of talentless hacks nowadays. :expressionless:


I am dissapointed more people don’t seem to realize nor appreciate how important Chuck Berry was to not just Rock n’ Roll, but all genres of modern music and stage performance in general.

This is the guy that inspired James Brown, Michael Jackson, and countless other brilliant musicians.


The duckwalk maneuver was invented by him which I didn’t know until recently.

Many guitarists like Angus Young of ACDC uses a variant on it during some performances.


Everyone knows Surfing USA by The Beach Boys, right?

Now, I love The Beach Boys, but listen to Sweet Little Sixteen by Chuck Berry (a song that most people don’t know). It is literally the same exact song, but with different lyrics.