Rock av request


i looking around the forums i have seen some tight avs which make mine look like a child made it. lol

anywayz i am hoping that somebody will be kind enough to make me a decent av 'cos mine sucks. the only limitations are that it has a rock from g:motw/cvs2 theme and preferably 160x64.

i guarentee the av will remain for at least a few months, if the artist wants i’ll credit them in my sig.

i am trying to give any volunteers the opportunity to be as flexible with their own style as possible but if you need something more specific then i’ll try and decide on more details.

i know i pretty new member which i have read means i stand less of a chance of somebody offering but i figure it’s worth a shot. lol

thanks in advance.


ok. Don’t be surprised if I forget to make it.


errr… ok. i guess if anyone who is less busy wants to volunteer then feel free.



I’ll give’r a shot.


Meh, here’s what I came up with.


great job on that av…the brushing on rocks hand is very unique:D A+:p


I have no Rock sprites, nor artwork, and F-Gen. is down. Sorry. I can’t make any thing until it’s back up.


woah didn’t expect one to be made already.

thanks a lot DarkGiygas, that av looks cool. just one thing, is it possible to tone down the pink? it’s just that i don’t like pink. lol i dunno how to edit .gif files and i don’t have ps.

just a more natural tone i guess is what i mean. but keeping the light/shadow effect on the face still.

soul ebelius: thanks for offering.