Rock Band: Beatles 3 extra songs (SRK PREMIUM MEMBERS ONLY!) (CLOSE THREAD PLEASE!)

I have 2 coupons from Gamestop was giving to Pre-order customers. With these codes, you can choose from a list of about 10 songs to be DLC for you. NOTE: this process will take up till 10/20/09.

I give you the code, then you go here to redeem that code by following the directions.

What do I want for this? The first two SRK premo members to give me + Rep and a PM letting me know get the code for the 3 free songs.


you must spread some reputation around before giving it to tim static again.

my cousing is going to get the game, ill rep you as soon as i can, now,

I repped and gave him a P

would love to rep u but cant since i dont have 500 posts yet.

PM’d. Just let me know when you activated the codes so I can discard them.

But stay tuned, might get some more soon. :slight_smile:

Ok, so I have 4 more codes.

first 4 PREMIUM MEMBERS to give me + REP get the codes!!!

I’m seriously beginning to question where society is heading. Whatever happened to the days where you could just pay for things?

Gee Tim, why can’t you wait to do this till I can rep you again :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m starting to feel rather annoyed by the full rep grooves popping up in this thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

To keep on track though, I was pretty disappointed you couldn’t use this to get “All You Need is Love” from XBL.

One more code left!!!

Good stuff Tim much props for giving these away to srk. :slight_smile:

Thanks tim for the codes.

no problem, fellas. :tup:

I got 6 more codes. First 6 Premium Members to +REP me get the codes.

+REP then PM ASAP!!!

5 codes left!

4 codes left!!!

Only 3 codes left!!!

I will be @ work tonight, so if you dont hear back from me right away, you’ll know why.

Last 2 codes!!!

Ill take one pm me if its still available and Ill rep you.

Sorry, codes all gone.

Thanks to all who “played” lol. enjoy the songs!!