So, finally Rock Band 4 is announced for PS4 and Xbox ONE for later 2015.

And here’s my reaction to it:

Same shit…

there was a rockband 3?

Go pull up videos of how big their development team was in 2010 and then think on how brutal layoffs can be in the gaming industry.

It’s better than having to develop kinect games.

Do they not make/sell the instruments for PS3 anymore? I can’t find them anywhere at a reasonable price.

They haven’t made those instruments in ages, because Activation milked the shit out of Guitar Hero so the Rhythm Game Market plummeted, hell even I didn’t know there was a Rock Band 3.

The benefit from what I hear is that all the songs you purchased will be there when you purchase Rock Band 4.


Rock is gay. My music is better. :triumph:

I still have a full Rockband wireless kit (mic, guitars, drumbs), and that shit better fucking work with Xbox One or PS4. Don’t give me none of this “oh the drivers are different so you need this new exact same guitar” bullshit… I ain’t paying fucking $100+ every gen to rebuy game specific controllers that should work with future gens (ie - Fightsticks, pretend guitars).

That being said, it will be nice to pretend to play songs again, haven’t played any guitar hero game since 2.

I wonder if you can still transfer older Rock Band songs off discs, using the license transfer. Like you could transfer most of the RB1 list to 2, etc.

The article mentioned the older songs being added to your current tracklist, including ones you downloaded previously on X360 or PS3.

On-disc songs are licensed in a different way, that’s why we lost some songs between RB1 > RB2 and RB1+RB2 > RB3, like Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” was never exported from RB1 but the Metallica DLC Pack was.

So I’m not optimistic about getting RB1, 2 and 3 disk songs into RB4, we’ll be lucky to get DLC songs we bought.

You think theres a chance in hell your wireless 360 kit is going to work on current gen? Best hope is an adapter they sell lol

Anyway, Im excited. Sadly all my old DLC is on 360 and Im on PS4 so I doubt theres a chance for that transferring. And Im probably alone but Green Day Rock Band was my favorite one

I have the full kit as well (drum, guitar, mic) and am hoping that somehow we can use this.

Having Rock Band again is nice since it’s always a crowd pleaser at parties.

Is there a need for a new rockband, when that community long ago hacked the shit out of the games, and you can basically just play whatever version of the game on pc with hundreds, if not thousands of songs that werent released. lol

I guess its great for a new generation whose first console was a 360 or ps3 within the past couple years. Theyre probably like whoa, i can have friends over and pretend to be a band, this is so new. lol

Ive had ton of drunken fun with rock band though in the past.

Microsoft is working on wireless adopters and drivers for wireless controllers working with pc, so I am hoping they can work on drivers for fight sticks and some popular peripherals.

I could get hype for a new Guitar/DJ Hero. Never got into Rock Band, though. I actually lost interest in GH4 when they announced extra instruments being added.

I got bored of GH when they just kept making like 2 a year, it was getting ridiculous at that point.

GH3 is still the best.