Rock combos?

help a new rock player learn some new tricks

J.Roundhouse, C. Roundhouse

C.Jab, C.Jab, C.Jab -> c.lp -> XX Hard Edge/Shine Knuckle

sweep XX Raging Storm

always an asshole in these combo threads

During the cancel into hard edge, hold mk down to make this easier and to avoid the Rage Run.

still can’t cancel into the super for some reason

It’s not easy, you’re probably getting the mid Crack Counter aren’t you? Try Negative Edge (doing what OneDumbGook said).

Hold down the mk, double quarter circle, let off and hit punch real quick. It takes a bit of practice and it’s one of the harder buffers since he’s got the Reppuken that can come out AND the Crack Counter than can come out.

i’ll keep practicing

with opponent in corner

qcb rh, run through opponent, 360 p throw, hold all 3 punches, release to blast opponent, standing rh xx raging storm

from anywhere on screen

360 throw, tap all 3 punches, qcf x2 rh (lvl 3 shine knuckle)

c. jab, c.jab, c. short, sweep xx lvl 1 or 2 shine knuckle

s. jab, c. mp, f. hardedge or shine knuckle

opp in corner: shift, evac toss, early money shot, c. mk xx rising storm.

sweep xx lvl 2 rising storm xx rage run type-dunk

opp in corner: shift, evac toss, early money shot, lvl 2 shine knuckle xx rising storm. then taunt

any groove

s. jab, s. fierce xx shine knuckle

my signature move = jab rising tackle xx shine knuckle four hits bitch