Rock Crusher into CrossUP-Hop not working on Hakan



what the heck is that?

i had many situation i did a hop to cross up and still landed in front of them. but this is just weird when i tried it on hakan. did anyone else notice this?


Yes. Tried cross xx hop into lp xx elec last week. It just hopped on the same side and pushed him back a bit. Quick panic throw, worked out alright in the end. I remember it happening on Gouki before too, although the opponant may have dashed just as I hopped, same thing… panic throw.

I must go into training mode now and see if it still does that, interesting… probably just ‘fat character syndrome’.

:edit: Yeah, just extremly fat. You can cross up xx hop after any jumping in normal, just not when starting from… btw it works on honda, gief, thawk, gouki… although on boxer it seems to be a bit random too, sometimes it crosses, sometimes not?


Happens against several characters, and it sometimes depends on whether or not the RC hits or is blocked. Don’t have the game in front of me now but try it against Guile and Abel. Can be used as a mixup.

We should compile a “lab” thread where we list char specific stuff and glitches.


You want to make it?

I was actually going to, maybe a general discussion too, and ask a mod to clean up the stickies.