Rock frame data question

I was reading the wiki frame data trying to figure out how easy/hard some of the links I’m practicing are and was looking for confirmation that I’m reading it correctly.

For tRock’s xx c.lp, combo, xx c.lp is a simple cancel but the link from c.lp to is 2 frames I think?

c.lp = Hit(+6)/Block(+6) = Startup(4)

Does this mean that there is 2 frames in which you can input the to make it combo?

Also are Roll Cancels a 3-frame window? IIRC that means this link is harder than an RC right? :shake:. It would explain why I suck so hard at it lol.

Yes the link is a 2 framer, which like you said means you have 2 frames to input Due to the default speed setting swallowing every 5th frame it’s occasionally a 1 frame link. It’s requires rhythm, but it’s reliable with practice and double tapping (see Chun’s c.lp > c.lp > I’m not positive on the window for RC’s, but iirc all kara cancels (which an RC in essence is) are about 3 frames. RC’s are hard because of having to combine the motion and button presses just right, so I don’t think it’s a fair comparison looking at only the numbers (see karathrows in 3S).

Oh I didn’t mean it as such a strict comparison, just rough. I can do EWGF reliably in tekken which is a one frame button input with a stick motion. I can RC qcf’s reliably but am completely unable to RC lk/lp specials, such as ken funky kick :(. Rock’s bnb though I’ve never really done reliably. I get it half the time then a screw it up the other half and they block xx hardedge/shine :sad:. It’s really hard to make people fear when they know you can’t reliably punish off it. Playing shotos doesn’t help because their > isnt as strict. I just need to practice a truckload more I guess.

Thanks for the confirmation on the frame data’

Well only fatties get hit by>c.lp x HP.Hardedge, normal characters can block the Hardedge. Also, you can combo into Shining Knuckle and even Neo Deadly Rave using > c.lp > The input for takes some getting used to if you haven’t done a combo like that before. I honestly think the difference in damage is not gonna matter much in the long run., c.lp, xx hp hard edge works on everyone iirc. Same combo works for both his DRN and SN.

i’m having trouble connecting the hard edge after the > c.lp > on a pad, any tips for this?

Standing LK is only super cancelable so you can’t combo into hard edge after that. As for combing into super from > c.lp > for Deadly Rave you just have to do hcb,f+lk really fast, no tricks. And for Shining Knuckle you have to do the first QCF early (while the c.lp is animating) then press LK while you pause for a split second at forward then do the second QCF. Doing the first QCF too late will get you LK Crack Counter.

thanks zen,
you’re a wealth of info as always