Rock Howard

trying out some new coloring stuff lemme know what you think

Hey, that’s some good coloring you got going on. Nice wrinkles and shading. Two things bug me, his arms seem too short and his face is a little off. Its as if you chibi’d his arms and face and Adultized his body, does that make since?

you got a cool piece which has some potential- when you draw keep in mind about proportions, and gesturing- this is important in order to keep your artwork from looking stiff and static. I like your start here…and when colouring see if you can find a reference- showin the lighting reflecting off of his hair and clothing, with the shadows that come out of it as well- keep pluggin away my friend.:slight_smile:

nice :smiley:

I like it! the shading on his right shoulder is top. but his lower jacket should have some wrinkles as well as the collar. but other wise, very nice shadings on the clothes.

His shirt looks very nice. Good work.

I dig the colors an’ all… but the face is the main problem for me. It simply doesn’t say “ph34r meh, I’m teh son of Geese!” Like those in thehurricane’s avatar do.
It’s not quite Rock’s hair either.
And even though things seem to be in proportion, the fingers on his right hand seem a bit short squint
Oh, and one more thing… -_- His elbow is showing out too much. Unlike the knee, the elbow sticks out LESS as the arm is more stretched.

I still dig it!

Thats great.

aside from whats been said the wings feel kinda heavy.other wise dope color job