Rock lee from naruto



oh shit dude, this is awesome!! you got a website?


i wish;; too bad i dont have lots of time to make art and manage website…those take lots of time :confused:

thanks for cmt :smiley:


It looks pretty great!!! Great work!!!


nice…very clean too


Exquisite job mint, the design you have placed behind him is a very nice touch and the thick outlines you use go quite nicely with Rock’s overall image. The clarity of the image is excellent as well. Now do Sakura!




Yeah man, way to go on this. It emulates Naruto style to the tee. And nice touch on the lotus as relevant background. My favorite character in the anime BTW.


thank ya for comments! i appreciate them very much!
master chibi: thanks;; i’ll try to do sakura if i have time hehe


That would be great Mint.

If I may ask, may I use that image in a tag? I’ll provide credit of course.