Rock Neo Rave



Can you cancel Rock’s Neo Rave like you can with Geese, and Hibiki. (I don’t think Hibiki’s is called a Neo Rave.)

If so, at what hit do you cancel.

In fact, can any one who knows, post all the Neo Rave cancels for all the above mentioned characters.


You can stop them at all times but you may not be able to link everything.


after the last hit (before the fireblast) you can really easily link standing fierce into fierce elbow… or standing fierce into lvl1 shine knuckle… or sweep raging storm… I’m not sure but i actually think the fireblast does more damage then most of his options


For just using level 3- finish it for most damage, or before the last motion, do fierce xx qcb+hp(may be able to stick a jab in there) for stun/meter regaining.

For using a level 3 and a level one, before the last motion of the rave, fierce xx qcfx2+k(again, might be able to get a jab in there).