Rockem Sockem Feb 11th Results

Shout outs to Noel Brown, Dieminion, and Flash Metroid for making it out this weekend. Was hype as hell and mad fun.

I have to clear up something: AE was a 42 man bracket but because marvel teams took so long 3 people dropped out. I made the mistake of refunding the entrance for the game for those people. I didn’t realize that once the bracket started it wouldn’t let me move people around. Because of this myself and West both got DOUBLE buys. I appologize for this and promise that this won’t happen again. If someone wants to drop after the bracket has started they will not be allowed to drop out, they will have to forfeit. Again I apologize for that. Ask anyone that knows me and they will tell you that I don’t run my tourneys like that :wink: To be honest I wish I hadn’t cause I didn’t get to play but 3 games and that messed me up cause I don’t get to practice all tourney so I get to warm up going through the bracket. I went 1-2 :frowning:

PS3 controller issue: I tried being nice even after banning wireless controllers by providing a de-sync station. That didn’t work! So for now on when I call you for your match I am going to ask you what your using to play and you will not be able to play if you have a wireless controller. If you are caught playing with one you will be DQ immediately. I tried to be nice about it but people just can’t be curtious to other players.

Now on to the good stuff…

80 entrants!! I know it would have been 100 if Surge and FInger Crammp wasn’t also going on :confused:


1: UVG Noel Brown
2: FR Roach King
3: Dieminion
4: Pokchop
5: GTR
5: Jon Slayton
7: OJ
7: Sum Brwn Kid
9: ReSe ICT
9: Pacstrif
9: Flash Metroid
9: Low Tier Player
13: Heavy Weight
13: FR Druseph
13: Kevin Bacon
13: ReSe Shiki
17: BFP Bobbie Fiasco
17: Duo Prime
17: Mike G
17: Conrizzle
17: SimpleKiss
17: Sneak
17: Lord Iceman
17: Up Back
25: The ?
25: OC Hnic
25: G Nasty
25: Chris
25: Death Penalty
25: Yohan
25: MTP
25: ReSe Jupiterman

1: Dieminion
2: FR Druseph
3: Joel
4: Ace Unlimited
5: Pokchop
5: Flash Metroid
7: The Hurricane
7: Requiem
9: Frank The Tank
9: Karnage
9: Conrizzle
9: KnuckleDust
13: Low Tier Player
13: Da Knut
13: ReSe Tactiks
13: Pacstrif
17: Geremy
17: ReSe Darklight
17: OC Hnic
17: Heavy Weight
17: Rice Eater
17: Kill
17: Raf
25: Priest
25: FOX
25: Funeral Party
25: Kisaku
25: Excited Beast
25: Azn_Boy
25: Rev
33: Jon Slayton
33: BFP Roxx
33: HKN
33: Mike G
33: UVG Noel Brown
33: Duo Prime
33: Xdoza
1: Jon Slayton
2: Demo
3: Pacstrif
4: ReSe Darklight
5: Frank The Tank
5: The Arm
7: ReSe Shiki
7: SS Malik
9: Alice-Chan
9: The 7K
9: Disco Shark
9: Blake and White
13: Priest
13: Muay Thai
13: Karnage
13: ReSe West
17: jaguar131
17: TestamentLOL
1: KnuckleDust
2: FaceNC
3: IQ
4: Raf
5: FR Druseph
5: ReSe Darklight
7: Demo
7: TestamentLOL
9: SS Malik
9: ReSe Gekido
Tekken 6
1: Pokchop
2: Clint the Beast
3: Ace Unlimited
4: Sniper Jin
5: TCO
5: Great Britain
7: Spartan
1: Blake and White
2: T Ryuga
3: Yohan
4: The Arm
5: SimpleKiss
5: MTP
1: Clint the Beast
2: Ace Unlimited
3: Jon Slayton
4: Blake and White
5: Demo
5: Pokchop
7: Death Penalty
7: FOX
9: Duo Prime
9: Priest
9: Big Boy
13: IQ
13: FR Roach King
13: HKN
13: Spartan
17: Alice-Chan
1: Joker
2: Clint the Beast
3: Pokchop
4: Great Britain
5: CrysisX
5: Faulcun
Next tourney is March 17th!! SFxT makes it’s first appearance to NC tourneys. Hopefully I will have more guests to announce later on.
Thanks for coming out and making it another hype ReSe!!
See you guys next time

Great tourney as always and had a lot of Fun. Brian, I didn’t enter SCV because I wanted to spend time running the stream. Could you please correct that in the results?

For sure. Thanks again for your help. Hate that you were sick. You did a great job on the stream and I hope we can do the dual stream again sometime soon.

Hey Brian my s/n is spelled Hurricane lol but anyways I had fun I’m most likely going to make the one in April.

I will fix that right now :wink: Sorry about that!!

Great tourney Tactiks, I enjoyed it. My first one since September of last year I think. I almost became the 4th guy to drop out, but decided to stick around and I have no regrets. I’ll try to make it again next month, hopefully not alone this time. But everybody is pretty friendly so coming alone isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Thanks for coming out. Next time it won’t run so late. Waiting on those teams was a biotch :confused: See you next time bro.