Rocket Raccoon Matchups Thread

We really needed a matchups thread so I eventually decided to just make it myself haha.

Ok so I’m not the most amazing player, but I can at least keep the thread updated!

I’ll reserve a couple of posts as there will probably end up being a lot of spoilers in this thread.


final reserve

Whoot! Finally lol Not too sure on match ups still learning him. I think some of his good match ups maybe against characters that don’t do well with against zoning. So characters like Ghost Rider I think kinda have a hard time dealing with the digging and it’s actually sneaky. Bad match ups I would probably say Wesker because stubby limbs kinda get the best of him then again I’m not so great at fighting Wesker. But Raccoon has good match ups.

I haven’t really thought about good or bad matchups yet really. I think his low life means that he’s less likely to have as favourable matchups as others. I’ll try and ponder matchups and see if anything really comes out of it. Most of the time I feel his lack of range really makes him suffer against the vast majority of the cast.

I agree with this stubby limbs make it really hard so you have to really go with mixups and like just surprise your opponent and resets online just make me sad lol

Hmmm I dunno man, I think there are specific characters that give him trouble and his other “bad matchups” are most likely due to RR being an underdeveloped character.
Has anyone noticed any trends though? I feel like teleport characters can give him a rough time, but characters with effective zoning and heavy chip are especially bad news for RR (Dorm matchup is like 8-2 lol). Basically anyone that can render RR’s space control useless. Depending on how the meta game develops, this could be a good or bad thing. Theoretically, a Wesker/Wolverine heavy metagame would favor RR. A Dorm/Magneto heavy one would hurt him.
Of course a lot of this could change as RR is fleshed out. We’ll see.

Yeah it’s still too early to say cause all we know is that he can work outside space control. I’m looking into TK Spitfire for mixups but teleporters I think are always troublesome. I think you can do stuff against them but it’s tough lol

I dunno, no Dorm has given me too much trouble yet, Dorm’s space control is slow (well it’s based on reads) and risky. RR is small and incredibly fast, as long as I keep mobile I’ve been able to stay out of his zoning. Not to mention he’s so tall so easy to control space against, you can practically c.H him from full screen. I think it could be 5-5.

I think sentinel is far and away the easiest matchup for me, Sentinel can’t do anything until he is right on top of RR and that just shouldn’t happen. He’s a huge target which makes hitting him with any of RR’s projectiles super easy and if they think they can start to lame you out with c.H, you can burrow under it. I’m not sure what Sent is supposed to do against RR really. I would say this could be even 7-3 or 8-2, RR can pretty much make Sent’s options redundant outside of Hypers.

I do think that teleporters are the worst, particularly the DMC twins. Wesker I actually don’t think is as bad, his teleports don’t track, he is not TOO fast and he’s predictable. It’s not too hard to run around him until you can set something up, I do think it’s in Wesker’s favor though. Early estimate would be 4-6 for wesker. Perhaps as bad as 3-7 or 2-8 for Dante/vergil.

Some others that have really been giving me trouble though are Magneto/Doom and Morrigan, not really sure how I get around their zoning, even with RR.

Numbers are obviously extremely early at this point, but at least there is discussion.

I agree with this. Dorm or Doom haven’t given me trouble if anything I beat out Doom half the time when he goes for Plasma Beam or Finger Lasers. Iron Fist I also notice can’t do much to you either and you can beat him out at times. I agree that the match is in Wesker’s favor but once shades are off it’s like for me personally I just can’t touch him but that’s probably just me lol Teleporters do seem to be the big issue at the moment. It seems that a lot of the time they have to be close to RR to hit unless they have a real strong zoning game.

Yeah I forgot Iron Fist, that’s another funny matchup, he better have some good assists. His approach is pretty much fully ground based and he has only one (or two?) not so great lows, he is pretty easy to just lame out as RR which isn’t even RR’s strength.

Wesker’s glasses do complicate things, mostly because of the speed increase though.

I also don’t think Doom is easy, at least I really struggle against him. He really limits RR’s mobility, he has the beam which pretty much dominates RR on the ground (can it be burrowed under?) and the Photon Shots obviously, at least RR is too small for the laser gun (haha). Rocks also cover him well if he wants to dash cancel trijump in for his own offense. I struggle quite a bit against him, though Magneto is even worse, just can’t have any breathing room against that guy.

If during an assist and crossup teleport mixup my opponent does a crossup teleport it results in a happy birthday a lot of the time for some reason.

I think it goes for the crossup while someone like vergil is doing a crossup teleport but I think the engine shifts vergil’s position first then turns him round.

Teleporters are definitely a pain because they get past all of his control easily and indeed evade/punish him for trying to teleport cross-up on them. That said I think dormammu is better than 8-2. I would say it was sort of even if there wasn’t a big health differential. Neither can set up zoning on the other well at all because they can both teleport and assist telecrossup is a common opener for both of them. It comes down to the priority of normals as the main determinant for me and Dorm has some rather annoying normals with huge, long-lasting hitboxes. At least he is absolutely massive and a bit sluggish though. That helps RR keep on top of him.

Doom is a weird one, Plasma is good vs RR even though he can crouch it. RR can get in pretty easily with teleport though. I’m not sure about the normal photon shot but the ground version of photon array seems vulnerable to :m: teleport, little dead-zone RR can burrow straight into. Due to the poor hitstun on his attacks I think RR has a tricky time converting off of air-hits, but on the converse of that log trap can shut down air-dashing characters pretty well if you can cover yourself and pre-empt their rush-down and such.

I do think Dorm is a pretty even matchup, his teleport isn’t as bad as others (what’s up with all the Vergil happy birthdays when I clearly teleported first) and is very telegraphed. I think RR actually has the advantage in the zoning game, Dorm can’t catch the little guy easily and RR can hit him from pretty much anywhere, but up close Dorm has the upper hand with his gigantic normals and higher health/easier damage.

I should try teleporting in on Doom more, it always feels so risky. If I mistime it I am met with Doom’s foot and that spells instant death right there.

The one time where sent can become really annoying is when is right above you, it is hard to catch a breath when he is already rushing you down with those piston kicks and spikey bats, but overall his huge size makes for a very easy target for rocket and he is probably the easiest to do the boulder loop on (I made it above 530k meterless today, woo XD) I just need to watch out for HSF a bit more, I’ve been caught by it a few times.

You mentioned Sent and I thought I’d point out Sent Drones assist is good vs RR, it can stuff crossup teleport. Real annoying to have to deal with a team running that.

RR can dig under Doom’s Beam I’ve done it too much that’s it’s just silly

No way, man. Just play defensively. If the drones arent called right in your face, you can pretty much just stand underneath them and you don’t have to respect any mixup. s.L and c.M will stuff most if not all trijumps. The same thing also kind of applies to Dooms beam, hawkeye arrows, unibeam, and a lot of other common projectile assists, you just have to crouch. c.L doesnt stuff as many things as s.L does, but you just still get our amazing c.M which also beats all tatsu assists clean.

I’m starting to think cM. is his best button. Has range and look like it has priority too.

It really is. I’m interested to hear how to stuff trijumpers with s.L though, that has never worked for me, I always get beat out.

well if they dont have an assist I just stand and mash s.L lol seems to be working well against magneto and storm whether they go high or low. It also works against dormmamu trijump L and sometimes against S, but not all the time. I havent really tried it against doom or super jump H/S from magneto but it seems like they dont do that anymore since his dashes got slowed down. c.M seems like a better button all together tho, but you can’t stand and mash it lol

It probably doesn’t look like it does because Rocket is short but if they Tri-Dash close to you then yeah standing L should work like Deadpool’s but like just close range stuff. Even though it has short range s.L has good priority.