Rocket Raccoon on point!

What are good assists if i want rocket raccoon as a point character!?

I think something like Jam Session would work pretty well to set up stuff, as well as some kind of beam assist like Ironman / Hawkeye / Taskmaster to help you get in.

None, put him second instead, that’s his only worthy position, anywhere else and you’re just torturing the poor sexy guy

so if i put him on second is log trap the only viable assist or no?

thanks! i’ll probably try out hawkeye or task.

Log is his best. Spitfire is a great projectile assist, possibly a mini version of drones, but log provides much more in one assist.

Reason why RR wants to be second is for safe DHCs to spring trap, and just playing the distraction game while his teammates take a break. that’s basically it. It’s suicide to put him anywhere else imo.

NOOOOOOOOOOO, you’ve opened up the Spitfire V Log Trap floodgates again! /panic.

I like Spitfire in a Cap / RR / Task or Cap / Task / RR team. It’s like mini drones, and it works better than Log. Not saying that Spitfire is not viable, you have to experiment for your situation / team. However, your first choice should be log.


Spitfire also has a badass name. SPIT. FIRE. SPIT FIRE.

I play RR/Doom/Strider. Plasma beam covers RR in the horizontal department with its speed and high durability. Vajra keeps em on the ground, sets up teleport mixups, and can reset very well. These awesome assists have made my point RR very formidable. I also sometimes put him second. Spitfire Twice really helps Doom to lock down when he approaches with the laser gun, and a twitchy Strider coupled with Spitfire is almost as good as my point RR shenanigans. Imo, he’s great on second, but point is where I prefer him. Anchor Raccoon is very fast, but not nearly powerful enough to finish the job. In terms of assists, Log is pretty awesome, but Spitfire seriously helps my team more.

I too am attempting point RR. I’m trying to use RR Ammy and Strider. or RR Strider Ammy haven’t decided the order. But yeah him and Strider are really good jut have to be careful that you have two 750k health characters. I think it can be done just takes practice.

At first, that low health thing kinda scared me. But now I’m confident enough to switch between RR and Strider during the match depending on the matchup. I used to consider either of them on point to be an absurd idea lol.

Yeah cause it’s like damage is so high doesn’t really matter lol plus i like both characters so trying to give them a shot.

I use RR on point and my main assists are

Chris (Gunfire) - Its a beam assist and a hard to see one at that. Great for mixups.
Wesker (OTG) - Huge combo extender, always brings opponent to the corner.
Frank West (Shopping Cart) - Similar to Chris’ gunfire, but not as long.

RR/Frank/Wesker for obvious leveling up reasons
RR/Chris/Wesker because all 3 have fantastic team synergy.

Same can be said the other way around. Want to get a character safely in? Use Mad Hopper then either DHC or raw tag. For example, RR is low on health so he uses mad hopper, Chris gets DHC’d in with Grenade Launcher, get some garunteed chip damage and then set up fire grenades while you’re still safe from the Spring.

Random spring trap and DHC out can be punished. D: Doing something like Stalker Flare into spring trap is safe (depending on what you do). Well, most supers into spring trap are safe.

er Unless you don’t mean RR on point. I kinda assumed. You can do that with some supers yeah, sets up the next character nicely. I feel like DHC into Chris is a bad idea though if they have a beam super.

The point though is that your better characters take a breather and RR just toys with them for a while.

well who are good point characters for RR. That’s been my main issue really lol

Generally? The point character doesn’t really matter, RR’s DHCs work well with just about anyone. I find the best are ones who have knockdowns on hypers(so you can DHC to spring and set up more shit before they get up IF they don’t die and DHC to R&R for damage, Wesker is a good example), have long vertical hitstun time on them (Zero, RR can DHC to Spring trap as Rekkouha hits and follow up with a log trap after it ends for more shit), or at least have a strong beam super that isn’t easy to avoid for good lockdown into DHC. Things like powerup supers and DHCing out is the worst because it’s unsafe for RR, and having him die early is either a benefit or a very big loss to the team depending on what’s going on in the match.

I use Joe/RR/Arthur. Joe’s Six Cannon both knocks down, is probably the strongest projectile in the game (few beams last longer though so certain ones will outdo it, although doesn’t Strange’s projectile counter eat literally everything) OTGs, and can be done in the air. This lets me lock you down at full screen and DHC out of Six Cannon if I need to, making RR’s entrance completely safe and setting up his retarded stalemate shenanigans. If I want to, I can then DHC to Arthur and start playing a fierce ass keepaway game and get a free punish/mixup if you land on/block that spring trap, then tag back to Joe.

Some of the best characters to have point with RR imo are Task, Joe, anyone with a teleport, Morrigan (if you can cover RR’s exit DHCing out of Spring trap into her astral vision is really damn good)…etc.

There’s really not a lot to it. It’s more about how can this team benefit from RR being on it.

Yeah like I was trying to use Zero with RR but I didn’t like it only because you could really only DHC from the trap but I never though of it like that XD

DHC from Zero to RR works. You can land a log trap after Rekkouha stops hitting if you dash under it.

…crap lol