Rocket Racoon Terrible Tutorial

I named it that because of the alliteration.

I decided to make a set of sort of tutorial videos which in reality just amounts to me talking about rocket racoon for a bit. Most of it is stuff you most likely already know, but I put it together for people new to the character. It’s in 5 parts and I’m about to leave and head home for christmas so the last 2 might be a while in coming and I thought I’d maybe try to get some of the stuff out there for people looking for an ill british person rambling about Rocket Racoon for far too long.

Playlist is here:

Also you can find some gameplay videos of my scrubby racoon elsewhere on my channel:

Feedback and input would be appreciated.

I watched some of it. I think the problem is you go into too much explaining of things that people already know. You should spend more time giving setups, traps, mixups etc.

I know you aren’t done yet, but you should definitely include some coverage of special canceling his skates. I think that’s a key part to his RS game because of the move’s recovery.

(eg. Things like RS forward/back into beat trap on advnc/reg guard. Pretty much gives you a free approach if trap comes out on them. Mine/burrow/spitfire cancels are also fun.)

I think you’re doing a pretty good job though. It might be most of the stuff people are figuring out on their own or on the forums, but you rarely see actual demonstrations of useful tools like cr.H>f.H. Really good to have some video.

So, who else is a bit pissed at all of his traps except hyper not working after he gets hit?

The only thing I disagree with in your videos is the zoning part, Rocket doesn’t have great keepaway but he has amazing zoning. Half of his zoning game (at least how I play him while zoning) is mobility, he can travel full-screen in any direction really quickly, against most opponents there is a safe way to travel around and keep something on screen limiting your opponents options. The weakness of course is opposing teleporters… or random full screen supers. Obviously the goal is to get that opportunity for a mixup or unblockable to start rush down though.

Noted, I’m currently at home for christmas and new year and the internet here is terrible so uploading stuff to youtube just won’t work. If I have time I’ll sit down at some point and try and record some setups/mixups/stuff that I do when I’m playing rocket racoon, of which there probably isn’t much.

I know I’m maybe explaining stuff that a lot of you racoon players already know but I thought I’d start from the beginning in case someone who wants to learn RR from scratch goes out looking for tutorials.

RS -> bear trap seems cool. I’ll try and include that once I get round to posting some more video in the new year. I figured I’d do a video of self-unblockable/self-crossup/general mixups and setups and put that up at in a later video.

In reagrds to traps disappearing on hit yes…annoying. If anything I’d like one of his traps buffed in the sense that it’d remain even when hit or even something like boulder hitting even if RR gets hit after it triggers or something, although that could arguably be way too good. Traps are excellent don’t get me wrong, it just feels like they are missing a little something.

Nice insight. as mentioned earlier maybe there will be a more detailed general tactics video appearing later which can delve deeper into his options and strengths and how he should be played and what he is good/bad at according to the consensus on these forums.

Well there is always that shrapnel trap glitch haha, that one doesn’t go away when you are hit, gives you a free punish even.

I don’t think it’s as strong as people might think. It doesn’t help much/at all against jump-ins and if the claymore eats a normal you could still get caught by the follow-up special they cancel into. Which actually prompts an interesting thought. Whether claymore eating a normal counts as a whiffed move or a hit. That would limit follow-ups to things that can be empty cancelled. If it counts as a whiff then it could potentially help a lot against someone like vergil since eating the claymore would count as a whiff and he couldn’t cancel it into something to make it safe which means he’d be open for a punish.

Awesome stuff man, keep it up.

Rename them to something like “Rockin’ it with Rocket Raccoon: A Tutorial” because it’s definitely not terrible :slight_smile:

I’ve only just picked up RR, and really enjoy the bugger. Thanks a ton for putting this series together, it was quite helpful.