Rock's Data

Rock Vollnut’s Data/Numbers

5A 800
2A 640
8A 640
~A 780*

5B 2028
2B 1040
8B 1120

6B Normal 1280
6B Machine 2464
6B Shield 1040
6B Drill 5460
3B Drill 5880
3B Drill (Air) 5440**

5C 1280
5C Lv2 3280
5C Lv3 5428
5C Max 8932
2C 1280
8C 1280
3C 2400

6C Grab 4800
4C Grab 5600
6C Air Grab 5600
4C Air Grab 5600

Machine Super 9384
Drill Super 14895
Shining Laser (Neutral) 13648***
Shining Laser (Control Stick) 14580***
Shining Laser (Buttons) 14052***
Shining Laser (Buttons/Stick) 14895***

Assist (3B Drill) 5880

  • When you hit the first 8A and you press A again, Mega does a kick. This represents the damage by that sole kick. Not combo’d.

** For whatever reason, at times, I would do 5467 instead of 5440.

*** Neutral means I wasn’t touching the stick. Control Stick means I was rotating it as fast as possible. Buttons means I was pressing as many buttons as fast as possible. Buttons/Stick combines both together. The results will vary because this super’s damage is slightly dependent on user input. These are the highest values I got when trying these supers. In my opinion, its worth doing the stick/buttons methods because you get an extra 1.2k.

Augh. SRK formatting sucks. I had to redo this list twice because SRK doesnt do tables or accept OpenOffice formats. ;_;

Feel free to tell me if I missed anything or if my numbers are wrong.

EDIT: Missing the V. Counter and added the assist numbers. Ill get the V. Counter when I wake up.

Wow, so shining laser does a bit more damage if you mash/twiddle? I wonder what the maximum possible is?

Probably in the 15k range.

Im gonna have to fix this now. <_>

I mentioned in the general thread that I was able to get Megaman’s lvl 3 to do about 18 Billion, just mashing the shit out of the control stick(s) and the buttons. I didn’t combo into it or anything either. If I recreate it I’ll certainly tell you guys, as I want Megaman to be buff forever! <3