Found this other day, and I’m posting it just because I’ve never seen it before, so I assume there are others who don’t.

My main question is why people don’t use this? Is it because its a waste of meter? Or just not “in game” applicable?

Rocks already have super quick recovery. FADCing them is a waste of meter.

tell me the benefit of it?..

To maintain pressure string, throw lp rocks FADC next to the opponent, thus utilizing the hit stun as a timer to either grab, counter hit or to maintain pressure.
I have to do it with the mp rocks, but as long as the lp rocks hit it cand be FADC as if it were on block. Its like FADC after a blocked criminal upper, except from a failed block string that ends in rocks. It just gets the opponent to flinch and go WTF?!

you can do that without fadc^^ rocks fly rather slow, you recover rather fast and the block stun is decent enough to maintain pressure if they block it.

In a game last night I did EX Rocks FADC Crack Kick

Don’t know why but it was slick as hell and he died so I’m cool with it.

^you can combo crack kick without fadc actually :3

so can I do EX Rocks, Crack kick EX CU?

timing is rather strict and you need a specific distance. not too difficult but not a no brainer either. but yeah you can even following with fancy stuff like ex rk, ex cu. or mk ruffian or a reset. best use is vs a oponnent who is stunned. but can also be done off a CH c.hp xx ex cu. IF miss the combo you’re still in a good position. is safe on block, or if they duck block you hop over them and can instantly do a mixup (throw, or c.hp etc).

Although rocks gives good hit stun, doesnt the FADC increase the time alotted, thereby allowing for moves with larger start up, c.HP, cl. hp. or more rocks

question: why do a normal rock and spend 2 bars for fadc for less damage then spend one bar for ex rocks who have quicker startup, give more hitstun and do more damage / stun?

Pizzazz obviously

TLDR: Not worth it, because you can get better or similar frame advantage for one bar, like zUkUu said. And I have too much time in my hands.

Longer version: Obviously frame advantage on the rocks varies, depending on how late they hit you get more frame advantage afterwards. Let’s assume a worst case scenario where they hit in the first active frame. In this case you have 60 frames of recovery and +4 on block, which means LP rocks cause 64 frames of hitstun. Cody’s dash is 18 frames and there’s 4 frames you can’t dash after the FADC, so 64-22, which would mean you’re at +42 lol.

But that’s an unreasonable scenario, because you won’t ever hit rocks that close. So if we hit on the last active frame, we have 45 frames of recovery. With the 64 frames of hitstun, we’re already at +19, and if you FADC in this case you’re at +23, seldomly worth two bars. Like zUkUu said, for 1 bar you can get better frame advantage with EX Rocks (in case you’re wondering, you’re at +49 after FADC EX rocks that hit early and +30 if they’re blocked far, +19 if you FADC the far EX rocks).

Math could be wrong by a few frames (not more than one or two unless I really fucked up with adding and subtracting lol), because some people calculate frame advantage differently and I’m not sure which way is the right one.