Rocky Rose VS THE TARMAN tonight at 11PM eastern tme



IM sending inv to gamertag THE TARMAN TONIGHT AT 11pm becuase he interrupted my thread and is talking shit.CAMERAS WILL BE ROLLING TONIGHT A 11PM in the CORNFIELD Rocky rose to CRUSH THE TARMAN and post on youtube,R U A BITCH TARMAN dont miss our DATE in the cornfield


if he doesnt accept my game INV TONIGHT AT 11PM ill TAPE ME INVITING HIM you gonna learn dont come into another mans cornfield and talk SHIT


1st to 7 wins under traditional match theres NO LAG dont bitch out little FISHY The tarman after I BEAT HIS ASS IM GONNA send the tape of me beating his ass to his mother and shes gonna laugh and get horny




Oh man! It’s you again!

So… what’s everyone’s favorite steamed vegetable? Broccoli for life.


Pay no attention to THIS EPIC SCRUB G BOOBIE hes an adult with a peter pan complex,Any body wanna come watch me kick the SHIT OUTTA THE TARMAN tonight at 11PM


What, no answer, RR? Are you a cauliflower man? Properly seasoned, that can be good. Or are you more of a carrot guy?


you aint got the balls to play me TROLL, this thread is a DOCUMENTATION of the match I intend to have with THE TARMAN this beating I GIVE THE TARMAN will be available to the public at 11:30 pm eastern time IF HE PLAYS ME and doesnt BITCH OUT.


You’re right. I shouldn’t be in here distracting all the other posters. As soon as we clear up the steamed vegetable question, I’ll be on my way.


G boobie I like you I invite you into mine and the tarmans lobby tonight to watch,Ill play under qaurter match if you wanna watch me beat him into OBLVION 7 games to 0


Im having side bets that THE TARMAN may delete his forum account here after I brutally beat his ass 7 games to 0 tonight at 11:30 pm eastern time on sf 2 HF


Bye for now THe TARMAN DONT BITCH OUT 11:30 eastern time PAL you play since you wanna talk shit i got a couple deer and coon hunters out here in the cornfield and there gonna tape me SKIN YOU ALIVE on sf 2 HF


You’re hilarious. If I’m awake, I’ll play you.

Either way, I could care less if I lose or win. I just wanted a response from you and hear you talk about cornfields, that’s all.


ROFL, Rocky Rose is a legend.


does the tarman post on SRK?


Well it appears the tarman just wanted me to spam him from my microphone,ill be on at 1130 110 percent sure ill inv you to play.If you dont play though I wont be hard on you since you like hearing my voice on the microphone.


My cornfield has very special electrical zones where i can take my 360 down there and play it without hooking anything up.The coyotes come and watch me play sometimes.


It’s like that scene with the lightbulbs in The Prestige, except with 1000% more crazy hick.


The last time I asked him about his culinary preferences, during his focus on Cigarbob, he sent me twenty minutes of verbally abusive messages on XBL. It was awesome.

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58 minutes countdown