Rockys Replay Results 10/4


1st Mike M. (Mixup) (What a punk)
2nd Adam B. (Sugarman)
3rd Eder R. (Little Mexican cheater)

4th Dennis
5th Teddy
6th Dwayne S. (Enkindu)
7th Jimmy F (First Attack)
8th Darrell
9th Robert
10th Ben (Bushido Heat)
11th Manny
12th Yop
13th Roger

11-13 tie
9-10 tie

This was a fun tourney, especially when I put Mike in the LOSERS bracket with hellified OCVz. The sun was in my eyes and my arthritis acted up in the finals when he beat me 3-2/3-1 (Eat a dick, Mike.)


BTW- The results were posted by Adam aka Sugaman

I did horrible again… what a fucking day… :mad:


10th place Ben.:depress:
7th place Jimmy:depress:

it looks like you guys like the mech at TL better than Rocky’s.


I couldn’t play at my best today… for me it was impossible… I had something weighting me down… if you want to know check out the TL thread…

Jimmy had to face Mike early… 2nd round I believe and after that I went one more round and faced Dywane I think.


I am certain that Teddy and I are tied for 5th. We both lost in the same round. No biggie.



dope fuggin tourney, it was worth the 4 hours of sleep i had before work:p :smiley:

c u guys later! aka the next random fri i get off lol

btw, adam, u are too fukkin good!~

good games


Damn Mike stop that beasting damnit!!!

Congrats yo!!!

I can’t wait to play you again at the team tournament!!!