Rocky's Replay results 9/27/02


Another tourney brought to you from Orlando Fl’s best place to play! Rocky’s Replay!

  1. Eder “The Cheader”- Bh/Storm/Cyc, Cable/Storm/Cammy or Cyc or Tron. Spiral/Sentinel/Bh

  2. Adam “Sugneto” - Cable/Sent/CapCom, Magento/Sent/CapCom, BH/Sent/CapCOm

  3. Peter “Random Rocky’s Warrior”- Mags/Sent/Psy or CapCom. Cable/Storm/AAA.

  4. Omar “Random Rocky’s Warrior”- Cable/Storm/CapCom

  5. Ben ‘Gets the bad machine’ (aka BshidoHEAT)- Doom/Storm/Cyc

  6. BoJack ‘I play Soul Calibur 2’- Cable/Cyc/Cammy

  7. Chris “Random Rocky’s Warrior”- Sentinel/Doom/CapCom or Cable.

  8. Dywane ‘Gets hit by Ground Photons’ Enk!du- Storm/Sent/CapCom

  9. Robert ‘Didn’t want to get Eder first also a Random Rocky’s Warrior’- Storm/Sent/Capcom, Cable/Storm/CapCom.

Well… I did better… it’s kinda sucks tho… Omar beat me on the bad machine no it is a FACT Eder was hogging the middle machine, the only one that fucking works! :mad:

Anyway… good job to Eder AGAIN! :smiley: He can handle Adam’s Sent pretty well.

Is Eder Central Florida’s best chance against Tampa’s monster Mike “Mixup”? Can Adam get past Eder’s Cable?? Can the Tampa Magneto’s get by the Orlando Cables?? Will G-Villie play a big role in Sunday’s King of The Lanes tourney?? Will Doom’s pink shit super actually work? :lol:

All questions will be answered come sunday…

Don’t sing it… BRING IT!

ps- i got the finals on my camera… I’ll keep ya’ll posted on how it comes out :wink:


Yo damn right G-ville going to represent. BTW, bring those finals tapes to TL and see if we can watch it there off your camera. Peace.


Naa… it doesn’t play well on my camera… plus… the footage is microscopic… it’s not the camera i took my matches with… most likely… you’ll find them on my imagestation thing I put all my vids on. :wink:


I hope ALL of the orlando players make it this sunday.

I will be sad if the jax guys dont show either.

G-ville is mos def down, lookin forward to playing you guys sun!


No doubt.


I hope the Jax guys show up too. Does anyone know anything about their status? I want a rematch with Craig. I’m calling you out Craig!!! Mike is too. So is Eder. So’s my boy Erik. Everybody’s calling you out. We all want to kick some Maximus Assimus,lol:D :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:


:lol: :lol: :lol:

Hey Mixup, I think Taz wants a rematch with you badly.:evil:
Are you still going to Atlanta next month?


LOL i’ll be there, back then = scrub!

Now = skieeeellllllz! :evil: