Rocky's Replay Tourney 9/20/02

  1. Eder “The Cheddar” - Storm/Cable/Tron, Storm/Cable/Cammy
  2. Adam “SugaNeto” - Cable/Sent/CapCom, Team Watts.
  3. Jimmy “First Attack” or Pete- Some one clarify this… on APEX it is said that Pete was 3rd… and Jimmy wasn’t even on the list… but I know he was there I brought him to Rockys and I remeber him playing Eder…
  4. Dwyane “Dirty D (aka Enk!du)” - Team Watts
  5. Trent “Tr3nt”- Spiral/Cable/BH, MegaMan/Cable/CapCom
  6. Robert - A random guy from Rockys. Cable/Storm/Cyc
  7. Doug “E Fresh” - BH/Cable/Cyc
  8. Chris- Another Random guy from Rockys… Sent/Doom/CapCom.
  9. Ben “Gets beat by stupid bullshit” (aka BshidoHEAT)- Doom/Storm/Cyc, Team Watts, Cable/Storm/Cyc

A lil’ tourney… but never the less a lot of good games going on The finals were 3/5 instead of 4/7 and Adam and Eder went ALL THE WAY… they are too good!

I would have done better but… I’ve gotten used to too much Sandbagging… I was beat by Chris… who is a scrub :mad:
I haven’t had a good tourney in years… today just fucking sucks…

Anyway… contrats go to Eder… he is CHEEEZEE with that Tron Bonne BS. :smiley:


i miss the good old “i’m obsessed with this game i better go to everytourney days”

Sorry guys, i suck now:o


what is team watts?



mike watson came up with it but i don’t think he even plays marvel:lol: everyone just liked the name i guess.


that’s the coolest sounding team name…

Put you can put someone like Omega Red on that team and call it

Red-Wats :lol:


Eder finally won a MvC2 tournament!!! Congrats. Good shit. I’ll see you at Tampa.


Damn, maybe I should’ve stopped playing SC2 long enough to go fight in Marvel for old times sake eh? Maybe next time.



I dunno man…

Adam had aleady 8 people… so it was all even…