Rog Offensive or Rog Defensive?



Basically I mean how do you play America’s Favorite Boxer; Turtle or Rush Down?

And my apologies if a thread like this was created before…


Both. 70% rushdown, 30% turtle. Still get smashed by my bro’s Ken random shoryu and ultra/supers. :sad:


Just use his Jab Dash Straight. Quick recovery and good baiting for shotos from my experience…


You have to adapt to different play styles. Don’t just flowchart with any character.


Yeah. People who only play one style will always be countered. Play the opponent.

Also, a huge misconception of a defensive player is that they will always walk back to their side of the screen. You can hold your ground and still be defensive. I never like to give up space for free. The only time I’ll walk back is if I’m trying to make them whiff something or get in range for something else.


then eat focus attacks for breakfast regularly. Mix in some dash smashes to keep um honest. Esp vs sagat, cody, dudley, cammy, fei…notorious focus abusers vs rog.


Yeah, but none of who you mentioned are shoto. My Balrog’s strategy differs against them, especially Dudley.


Character specific. Im still new to it but I like to rushdown more depending on char. What works a lot for me is using safejumps after untechable knockdowns, frame traps and block string etc…


Well to be completely honest what I do is at the beginning of each round I like to do random moves to see how my opponent responds (but I never ever test an opponents reacts…ie when there crouching do an rushing upper)…then depending on what they do I’ll rush or play it smart.


Depends on the opponent and their choice of character.

9/10 I’ll typically go through the motions of being aggressive and using my shinanigans but this is often ‘after’ R1 where I tend to suss out the player, first.

Anyone who spars with me any length of time knows I’m an aggressive Rog but that doesn’t mean I won’t consider playing the defense card when certain characters or opponents jump into the game or when I feel a certain someone has learned my tricks and needs to re-learn a different style to mix it up and keep them thinking.


One thing I learned playing Air(offline) is that you better have a good mix of both. If you get knocked down by a good player, its all over for Balrog…if you get out of his knockdown mixups, they will then sit back a bit if you have predictable offense, and will zone/fireball trap you all day to death


depends on the player+matchup cuz we all know rushing gief down is a great idea amirite?


Of course. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be greeted with sweaty, spinning Russian arms or, gawd help you, a Spinning Pile Driver.


I prefer being aggressive but I can be defensive when the need calls for it.

It’s all about playing the opponent as Mags said.


mix it up. I change depending on the character but mainly I like to rush down against fireball/zoning characters and characters with shitty reversal moves. I play defensive against grapplers. Then there are certain characters like honda and bison who I like to paly offensive and then transition to defensive wen I get the lead


I love being a bully and pushing them to the corner! who doesn’t? Offensive all the way! but thats probably the reason why I also play ibuki, dudley, and bison


I prefer to go gung ho, but I seriously believe this is not the correct way to play him, going defensive and abusing the normals is the way to go.


extremely offensive untill i get a life lead, and then lame. not lame as in sit in down back and walk yourself into the corner - i try to outfootsie everyone and slowly walk them into the corner.

what a lot of balrog players dont realize is that having your opponent in the corner makes playing defensive a shitload easier. just be on point with your AAs and break peoples FA’s and you’ll get them there


i like to play opposite way to make opponents pissed off… turtle when they rush down and rush them down if they turtle… rog is versatile enough


Character specific, but if I’m confident that I’m going to win I tend to rushdown - it’s backfired in the past though :[