Rog plinks



First off: Why should i plink with rog?

-For one, it allows you to reliably execute all of his most damaging combos.

-Cr. jab ~ cr. MP not only greatly increases the range that you can hit confirm into specials and does more damage than short, but also allows you to do things with balrog that you could not normally do with cr. short.

Ex: walk forward- cr. jab jab jab ~ Cr. mp (cancel to whatever). While jab jab jab cr. lk will whiff on most characters, and jab jab cr. lk won’t leave you with enough time for getting your charge.

-Also, it allows you to much more easily set up his frame trap options.

The list:

Hit confirms:
Cr. jab ~ Cr. Mp (plink the mp with jab)
-My go to hit confirm does more damage that cr short and has more range. anywhere you land a cr. jab you can follow up with mp. for some damage. allows you to headbutt crouching blankas. max range cr. mp xx heabutt on some crouching characters (shotos) will wiff but most of the cast can still be HB from max range.

St. jab ~ Cr. roundhouse.(plink roundhouse with whatever)
-Use it/ abuse it.

Cr. Mk ~ Cr. MP. (plink mp with jab)
-use with meaty Cr. mk set ups for big damage, or on block for 3 frame- frame trap.

Close st. roundhouse ~ Cr. MP (plink with jab)
-Most damaging combo starter that balrog has. Range that you can hit them with the follow up cr. mp is deceptively huge. roundhouse on block sets up a 4 frame- frame trap.

Frame traps:

Cr. jab ~ cr. mk (plink with jab)
-4 frame- frame trap. your go to crouch tech bait. on counter hit follow up with a plinked cr. roundhouse for that untechable.
Follow up with plinked cr. roundhouse on block for 2 consecutive low hitting 4 frame- frame traps.

Cr. jab ~ Cr. roundhouse (plink with jab)
-4 frame. Use this of cr. mk will whiff.

Cr. jab ~ far st. fierce
-5 frames- Fierce has really good range. people like to press buttons in 5 frame gaps. Can shut people down in the corner and doesn’t whiff on crouchers.

Plinking with rog?

true double plink after s.jab link:
c.rh ~ c.jab ~ c.strong ~ c.short

two chances to get a sweep. miss that, still two more chances to nail a linked c.strong into fierce dash straight, then combo into whatever.


I really only use plink when going from s.lp - c. RH.


c.jab - c.jab - s.jab - (plink c.forward with c.roundhouse


I plink the strong in my dizzy punish: j.rh - s.rh - xx Ex rush upper.


For boxer in my personal opinion, analysing your play of him to the point of thinking about plinking is not necessary. His links are so easy compared to every other character that double tapping and plinking are not required, just aquire the timings though experience and its second nature.


What’s (~) And (xx)


except nervousness and ps3 vs xbox can change your timing. having the extra frame from the same execution can assist greatly. i mean if someone told me that c.LP c.MP was a 3 frame link i’m sure we would all do it in our ex rush loops. As is the ONLY one that i’ve seen do it on a regular basis is pr rog (who plinks). but i do agree that it isn’t required, but it can help great to use it.


a one frame link is a one frame link. balrog has 2 very useful one framers and plinking makes them much easier to hit.
If you don’t care about hitting lp.~ sweep or cr. lp~ cr. mp, then don’t plink.
if you want to be able to open people up from a range where c.short whiffs or do more damaging hit confirmed combos, then plinking is for you.


its like… why NOT plink. its not hard to press 2 buttons…
and cr.jab cr.strong is not THAT easy w/o plinking.


Please don’t go mental on me, but I’ve been using Rog and reading a bit about plinking. Now, people talk about putting input display on in Training Mode, and it is what I’ve done. Now, with plinking you hit the button you want, followed closely by a stronger button, so the lower priority button comes out…right? So how can you plink the c.lp to sweep? Surely there is nothing stronger than a cr.roundhouse? I’ve seen many Rog players do it, i.e vVv Scrub, Keno, J-Wong (when he uses him) and it must be so useful. Some help would be MUCH appreciated!


this is how it works.

you use a weaker button to register a stronger button twice.

example: i want to plink c.MP after a c.LP. so i input

then plink c.MP ~ c.LP. on the input screen if i plink those buttons i will see this

c.MP followed by c.MP c.LP so because the game always registers the stronget button it gets double inputs.

so for s.LP to sweep you’re gonna do this


then plink command c.HK ~ c.MK (any move weaker back button works lol)

make sense? i hope people all know how to plink, it’s explained everywhere and not required by any means but for sure helps you (say you’re rufus, plinking super helpful as rufus)


Thanks a lot foxisquick, that cleans up a lot of doubts I had, much appreciated :slight_smile: For the time being I just tried to do jab to sweep normally, worked about 20% of the time I think? I think plinking will help a ton so I’m gonna make sure I practice till it’s second nature :slight_smile: Thanks again fox!


Plinking doesn’t seem necesarry on Balrog at all unless you’re doing st. lp. - cr. rh. or cr. mk. - cr. mp. but the timing for those really isn’t too hard either from my experience.


This is good. I was just thinking today on what I should plink.


Never attempted plinking at all - Then again, it’s not like I aim to achieve anything from SF4 other than a good bit of fun with whoever joins my Arcade Mode Fight Rec in Vanilla :wink:

Heck even today I started bothering to go for CJabs into CStrong Headbutt combos and managed them more often than not without any assistance other than timing and rythm… Obviously the same does not apply to those people out there ‘competing’ or in heavy pressure situations where a dropped combo leads to nerd-raging and lobbing ones gaming console out of a window.

If I took SF4 a bit more seriously I’d probably try it… I mean, I still can’t link a SJab into Sweep more than 1/10 times so it’d definately help…


I usually use plink in order to link my sweef after a s.lp, but i didn’t know it could work with c.lp ~ c mp :o




I have started to plink some stuff with rog…been experimenting plinking with alot of characters (especially in trials) and its helped :slight_smile:


I think plink is necessary to increase your skill.
Improving your combos with more damage means winning match with less effort and choices.
Of course your accuracy should be at least at 90%.