Rog Videos + Comments Appreciated



Posting for my cousin here…

'Sup guys…

We just had a City vs City showdown here and we pretty much filmed every matches. Most of the guys weren’t that good so i played pretty conservately and tried for different things but, in general, my overall gameplay is there.

Some comments and tips will be appreciated. I made a playlist of all my matches, actually there is one missing since my score was 11/1 but, there are plenty of videos there.


Here’s the link:


Good Baiting…Didn’t watch past the first 2 matches but both the Ken and Ryu seemed very “green.” Lots of mistakes.


Well your execution is pretty weak, just in the ken video alone there were plenty of dropped combos.

Also, stop doing 3/4 screen ex punches, they work against those weaker players, but you’ll get creamed by anybody competent. Otherwise, I’d say just play a bit more patient, sort of in the “I’m turtling, but just at the perfect range for me to HK/C.HK you whenever you poke” like you seem to do when you get them cornered


i have more comments for your friends than i do for you.


yea your combo execution needs a lot of work…your jumping in at the wrong time a lot and you tend to just jump in…land a couple blocked jabs n then just hang back and sit there lol don’t forget balrog is a beast when you get yo opponent cornered and pressured. all you need to remember is don’t jump in as much, bait dp, and work on your execution



I’m the rog player … I created my account now…

thank the comments

i hopefully a few more tips to improve my game



It wasn’t bad, but like others said, you need a bit of better execution and more pressure.