Roger Myung Invite Tournament $1000 first prize

only 6 players personally invited by Roger Myung

1st - Josh Wong
2nd - Som D
3rd - Roger Myung
4th - Ron M
5th - Somano D
Last - Damian Eklund


  • Damian OCVed by Som’s sakura
  • Ron eliminates Damian
  • after the tournament Damian demanded a money match with Ron and lost
  • Josh Wong treats everybody to cup noodles

PS damian got last

Thanks to everyone for coming to my very first $1000 invite. Props to Josh for winning the first $1000 prize and treating us to cup noodles. I wanted to split prize money into top 3 placers, but everyone agreed to have win-it-all tourney. Thanks to damian for being a good sport about coming in dead last.

p.s. i will host another one soon, so wait for an invite.

You really gave out $1000 to the first place?

Dang, you’re sure nice.

you should have been invited…

1000$ First price in a 6 player tournament… Dude!

roger go post the next tournament. the last place finisher always gets replaced so the invitees should be the same 6 minus Damian. lets replace him with… masher ryan.

you’re all sick in the head i tied for 5th u can’t have a last place w/ 6 people…

wait, this was for t5 right?

Well since damian seems so pissed about coming in last place, i’ll make sure he gets an invite to the next one as well.

JOSH, tell ryan he should be expecting an invitation as well. more cup noodles for everybody

lets have the next tourney a jager tournement!!!
each charcter lost = a shot of jager!!!
and I’ll bet damian still gets last!!!

anybody up for a game of 13?@???@!?#$%???#???

i can so kick your ass in that

i’m the justin wong of 13. fuckouttamyLIFE canada.

but for real when yall coming down? i’d love to cut you for $500