Rogtown, The Charlottesville,VA Community Thread


This thread will be for anyone in the Cville and central VA area. We are always looking for more people to come out to play and hope this will make people in the area more aware of the fighting game community here in Cville.

The End Game Center
143 Zan Rd
Charlottesville, VA 22901-1454
(434) 973-2205
Help us grow our community by posting here and coming to our casual play nights and tournament gatherings. We normally do casuals on thursday nights at 6 p.m. at the End Game Center in Charlottesville and majority of our tournaments are held here as well.

We will run small tournaments on thursdays if there is enough interest in any one particular game.


Left open for tournament news.


Yay. A thread. Now we can call people out and stuff.

Hey Mole… I’m calling you out…


After walking away with the lose last night I’m not surprised. GG’s though.


Im coming back to street fighter street fighter 3rd strike online line thats is game is looking nice

stay free AE



Yun is broken. Played him today. He no free.

Also Evil Ryu is something I like. He’s fun and that Axe Kick is very good. Also, I played Henry Cen today online. Chun > Him.




Yeah I’ll be picking it up when it comes out, so atleast we will have something to play together. Hey maybe someone will post here about wanting to play blazblue with people, although I don’t know why anyone would want to.


I only messed with E. Ryu a bit his dash felt really wierd to me. Need keep up with that yang so we can have some experience against him.


I am really LOVING sagat… me and him are BFF!! I’ve been playing this game more and more… Games tonight?


I mean we STILL have a 3rd strike cabinet!


I may be able to get some games tonight. Gotta see what the wife has planned tonight. Saturday and Sunday I should be good for games in the afternoon or evening.


Well LET ME KNOW!! I am at the beach all next week


I’ll be at the shop later for FNM but I’ll be down to play games in between rounds and whatnot. A ton of people are wanting to play more at the store too so maybe there should be plenty to play against. Give you some moving practice dummies or something…


I know but the buttons on p2 side haven’t been working so i haven’t been able to play anyone and mole you know everyone wants to secretly play blazeblue


I just fixed that last night you crazy


I almost spit my drink everywhere when I read that. Your a funny guy.


I know you fixed it last night i was saying before last night


Not gonna be able to make it out tonight, but I will be up for games tomorrow and sunday. Probably in the afternoon.


what the EFF