Rogue Combos

Anyone know any good combos?

I also heard she has an infinite. How is that performed?

I don’t know any expert combos, but i just tripjump with sj. d. hk, then mix it up with c. lks, and ad to the other side d. hk.
if the d. hk ever does hit, i just lp->mp->GNS.
or if i am meter less: lp->c. lk-> hp->sj magic series, ac finisher.
i love just hitting the jab and then kissing. blocking or not it doesn’t matter.

Her infinite is: in corner launch, slow magic series, rh, otg j. short, s. lp, s. s. lk than w/e the hell you want.(it isn’t that practical and i never even try it)
Her speed up semi: is more practical and it is [c. lp, c. mp] and repeat until the bar runs out.

You can also do J.Lk, J.MP, J.FP in midair if close to an opponent.

I didnt want to start a new thread, so Im reviving this old one. Anyway, I’ve been messing around with Rogue and I found a couple of interesting things…though, they might be old to most rogue players.

Midscreen vs Sent:

Flying Screen power up set up
-Launch, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk, fp, d+fk (otg), c.lp, c.lp (whiff), power drain

Notes: The magic series needs to be done fairly slowly, to put rogue just below sent when the sj.fp hits. the first c.lp juggles and keeps sent from rolling away, but there is still the screen shift (caused by the FS), so the second c.lp [elbow dash] closes the gap and puts rogue at a perfect distance for the power drain.

-Launch, sj.lp, lk, lp, fk, d+fk*, land, then…

…jump + tron assist, d+fk (overhead)
…power drain
… + assist > whatever

Notes: Again, the magic series needs to be dialed slowly. Unlike the first combo, the does not OTG, but it actually causes sent to land on his feet, even the the sj.fp causes the FS.

Wow I’d really like to see a vid demonstrating the first combo because I’ve tried something similar many times but I guess my execution sucks because I never pulled off something like that.:sweat:

I’ll make one just for you.

^ Awwww!!! =)

Anywho a friend at my school showed me some stuff wit Rouge… basicly its s.lp,s.lp,,, Capcom AA, sj., kiss. Yeah I’am sure its been found before but I’ve never seen it and my friend was kicking ass wit it one night.

  1. 8 air combos
  2. 9 air combos
  3. and one 10 hit combo I’ve seen with speed up where she does the flying punch thing and OTG’s you with it (sorry forgot the name,LOL)

anyone know what I’am talking about/how to do?

There you go. Quality is a bit shatty, though…sorry.

thats borderline sexy…

now help me!!! LOL

I’ll see what I can find.


Wow that is sexy! Can you pull it off consistently in real matches?

Thanks BTW.:tup:

I dont play rogue.

If you could do it on other characters it would def be sexy…

and non of us play Rouge… she plays us…

goodnight sugar!

Well Sentinel is a popular character, so that definitely counts for something!

nice combo philip but most of the time there will be an assist with ur rogue combo… but chyeah… not bad

I do something similar to that combo Philopia, but I end it with a sjfp sjhk. What happens is you land RIGHT next to Sent on the ground, then do a quick sj airdash and dhk on the other side. It comes off REALLY fast so it mixes up people pretty decently.

Fuck i want to get into rouge, once she power drains she is like a pixie sentinel fucking dangerous. oh and philopia that utube link is down…

anyways, i was thinking of playing mag/storm/rouge. anyways, what is rouges B&B combo(s)

I assume she has one for most damage and another one to combo into power drain?

Well, I’d say the power drain is situational. With Rogue you always wanna be on the other character because, while she’s fast, she’s no Magneto and it can take some hard work to catch up to folks like Sent and Storm.

That said, after a power drain you can dash, fp xx GNS with most characters. And if you power drain with your back to the wall you can clk xx into GNS or launch into a combo. Power drain is also decent for characters who give you speedup like Storm and Psy.

For the most part I like to do simple air combos that end with sj fp. That way afterwards you can do a mixup of either high or low attacks when you land.

yeah but if ur rouge and ur facing sent, would u want to get a power drain so she can get 43% damage, which would help out alot, she can last longer

Well, Sent gives you super armor, not defense up. Super Armor cam be useful, but I tend not to power drain cause he can be hard to catch up to once you let him go.