Rogue has an infinite?

i just started playing her and i was wondering if she had an infinite because i cant find a post that shows it. thanks

Only 2, 1 semi-infinite and a real corner infinite.

With Speed Up C.LP, C.MP till timebar runs out and you can cancel into GNS or lanuch into an AC.

In corner only (really slow in pressing out combo) Launch, J.LP, J.LK, J.MP, J.MK, J.RK, pause OTG with J.LK * then hold forward continuously* S.LP, S.LK x whatever.

GOOD LUCK!!! :tup:

for the corner only infinite can i just do s.lp, over and over again like lp lk lp lk lp lk lp lk lp, etc? and by slow pressing out the combo, is that just for the setup ? thanks

the semi inf works but the other one is unpractical and not worth going for. pick tron if you’re playing rogue shes the only thing that makes it possible for rogue to fight the top 4. download some vegita x videos if you want to learn the real shit with her.

I can’t do it. The corner infinite that is.

the j.lp won’t connect (it won’t hit the opponent) after the j.lp,jlk part. I noticed WS said that the button pressing has to be slow, and i’m doing it as slow as i can. what am i doing wrong?

Well my friend I’ve only suceeded it once and it was after a 50 minute session. Make sure you do it and Dr.doom he works the bes it seems.:wgrin:

What do you mean by dr. doom? Meaning, he sets up the assist best… or it’s best to do it on him?

It’s best to do it on him. If u want some videos of it go to comboadictos and look at rogue revolution.

That’s some hot combos.

It takes a while to actually be able to do it. I have only done it once in actually tournament and game play. It is honestly not worth it. My friend just came up with a new combo thats a semi-infinite and it is alot easier to pull off. Also got a new tag combo that works well and they cant do anything about it.

Even in the Revolution vid I only saw two reps of that corner inf done, which is all I’ve ever been able to pull off.

Either way, I always had an easier time using the c fp launcher as a setup for the OTG that leads to it.