Rogue Legacy, the game where you wish Peripheral Artery Disease on your kids

Hey gang,

so I kinda wasted my entire weekend playing old Rogue Legacy, a game that just came out

it had 2 things going for it that grabbed me

  1. 2d platformer
  2. airdashes

It can be copped at though it is a large fifteen dorrah right now, which seems a bit steep for a game like this, I of course am a shitty indie game “early adopter” so I was all about it

here da trailer

since my steambros list is full of dudes playin i figured we could talk about it here

for runes I usin doublejump, 2 airdashes, speed, and 1 retribution that way if a spiky thing hits me it blows up

Is this a procedurally processed game?

Looks coo. :tup:

This game is a lot of fun, and addicting.

And it feels just right to play on my arcade stick, with the click clack of the buttons. Will probably try to stream some of this… I haven’t really had fun dying so much since Binding of Isaac came out

haha yeah I ran a stream for a while before I had double airdashes, I watch it now and I look all slow and contemplative, not anymore now I flyin through that dumbass castle for the billionth time like a graceful newt

lets talk the prayin boons

charon’s thinger = carry over gold after death
Helios thinger= something obscene like 4x coin drops on enemies
whatever brings you back from the dead
MOTHERFUCKIN HEDGEHOGS CURSE = you are sonic and everytime you get hit your gold goes flyin and you have to collect it