Rogue Mag and Power ups and tid bits

I have been playing rogue for a minute and I figured if anyone could benefit from some useless and maybe old info so be it.

Mag+Rogue Combos

Magneto, c.hp, magnetic tempest cancel into goodnight sugar
Magneto’s inescapable kiss setup with Rogue is probably well known, c.hp, airdash d/f, (1 hit) and call rogue’s throw assist and cancel into magnetic forcefield and rogue’s kiss assist connect into whatever…

Rogue’s inescapable setup with magneto
j.hp, lk, lk, launch and call mag-a j.hp, and right after it connects cancel into power drain. After that you can dash in and fp cancel into goodnight sugar. On a character of average stamina that combo does about 127 points of damage but with power up =:wasted:
If you land a kiss while you are in the corner you can mag-a,, mag hits rejump lk, cancel into power drain, repeating punches or you can hp throw. Each of the options has its uses the throw does the most damage, power drain works best if you want their power up and repeating punches keeps them in the corner.

Power-up tidbits
Super Armor
Iron man’s unibeam doesnt break her super armor.(What that means…goodnight sugar right through that ish.:rock:
Power up
when rogues alone its best to use her alternate super A1+A2 it does ridiculous damage
When you are in the corner instead of fp into goodnight sugar, fp goodnight sugar.