Rogue Resets

Hey ya’ll Rogue users out there. I’d like to know if ya’ll know any tips for resetting combos using assists for big damage. Most of the time my assists are usually Tronn Proj, Psy AAA, Doom AAA, and sometimes IM AAA.

I can’t use IM AA well (can u give me some combos with Rogue IM AA pleez!!!:stuck_out_tongue: ) but I do know 1 reset:

Opponent in corner Call IM AA s.lp,, smp, Repulsor Blast hits twice Aerial Power Drain (throws back into corner), c.fp,Call IM AA again, j.fp, d.j.rk. MMM CHUNKALICIOUS!!! :smiley: :cool: :smiley:

A cool midsreen guard break with Rogue is: Call Sent G,, j.fp (opponent lands into Sent’s Drones) Launch into AC!!!:smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley:

BTW please go to the Rogue Thread #.2 so we can talk strats ‘n’ stuff and if you can contact Vegita-X, ROC, Tanion, & the others to come here too!!!:frowning: :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that thread is closed too ain’t it? And man can’t BELIEVE they deleted the first big ass Rogue thread. Lot of info lost there.

If you’re backed into the corner, land a power drain, then let go into the screen to ya’ll know of any way you can call tron to get some damage before they hit the ground?

It’s still around.

It’s still around, you have to go to where it says… show threads since the last 30 days. Put it so it says from the beginning. That way you can see it.

Damn it we need ROC here and LS here! Most often it’s usually just me and whiteshadow posting. Come back man! LoL. How do you guys like my avatar? cool eh? Well I don’t know how we can make a Rogue strat page like last time so I am thinking of something like this… [each topic is a thread]

Rogue vs Top Tier

Top Rogue Teams

Damaging Rogue combos

Rogue Assist Resets

Rogue Infinites

Well some nasty stuff with Rogue is her assis. It helps out Storm for a lot of nasty unblockable/unrollable shit.

Storm, dashin in lp, lk, call Rogue, Rogue hits, Storm dashes back to the screen… Rogue let’s go then you do her kick launcher… then go into your air combo. You can do this with most reliable launchers like Mags, Strider, Morrigan… anything that has good vertical range.

You can reset the damage of Storm’s infinite on Sent when you land on your feet… do call lp, lk, call rogue… rogue hits… dash back… rogue lets go… launcher with hard kick then do your favorite air combo.

Oh yeah… also… GNS xx LS does more damage than Hailstorm most of the time for some reason… but it’s unreliable because if they block the LS your screwed.

Has anyone tried to connect a GNS xx Hailstorm xx
LA xx LS? I been able to connect a LA but couldn’t do the LS… but then again the control at my arcade suck. Oh well what’cha gonna do? x_x

It’s still around.

I’ve always tried to do the LA XX Lightning Storm after the Hailstorm but it never connected. Quite simple explanation - When you DHC from the GNS into the Hailstorm, Storm does her super and is left in the air in normal jump mode. In normal jump mode, you only get one action, and that action is the Lightning Attack. After that, you have to land to act again. That’s the basis behind guardbreaks. So, that’s why the Lightning Storm won’t work. Better to just dash down+forward and pop 'em back into an air combo.

And remember, when the going gets rough, Rogue that shit up, baby.


So that’s why it doesn’t work. Damn. I thought the whole normal jump thing wouldn’t be a reason since Storm is well… Storm ^_^;;; silly me. I guess the only way to connect a Hailstorm is just to do a LS right when she is done. But I think that’s only possible after you DHC from the GNS since you need the opponent has high as possible because they can roll once they hit the ground so you need to hit them while they are still in the air.

Then from the LS you can do your other super… then another and then another, which is cool since you can waste your entire bar but of course that’s not smart unless you have some strong has hell supers.

I’m going to see if I can start a thread now for Top Rogue Teams. My AIM/AOL is dethvirtues if any of you want to im me for strats or whatever. Laters.’

i’ve been a rouge fan since i played the game and got creamed by her rush down so i’ve been trying to play her but it’s tough since i can’t seem to do the sj. xx air dash well:( since or either i sj higher than i should or sj , instantly do reapeating punches hp after the sj. and do it at a nice height but can’t cross up because the is to far because the air dash goes about a 2 character length away so the question… WHAT THE F#$% I’M DOING WRONG? please help this rouge pro wannabe since i wanna drop cammy for rouge but i’m not gonna do it if i can’t master rouge well…:frowning: thanx in advance:D

To best way to cancel the air dash is to do a tigerknee backwards motion. In other words… do this motion.

down, down-back, back, back-up, up

This will help you not do the repeating punches because this has happened to me a good deal. But if you just sj and just do it’s just as good as the airdash cancel.

Instead of using use j.fp. Then when you land, dash in and combo the crap out of your opponent. This does more damage and puts your opponent in a longer hit stun but you have to be quick on doing it though.

You can also get more information on Rogue in the Rival Rogue thread. Go to where it says… show posts from the last 30 days and change it to the beginning. Then click on the thing next to it and then the Rogue thread will show up. Lots of good stuff there. Especially combos. I’m going to see if I can list some of them later on. Well laters.’

From the combo vid I saw on 2Nasty’s site


jump in dive kick, s. lk, s. lk, launch, sj. lp, lk, lp, air dash forward, hp, (opponent bounces off floor), Power Drain, land, c. lk, GNS

here’s another one I do…

jump in dive kick, s. lk + IM, s. lk, c. hk, (IM hits), sj. air dash forward, dive kick(juggles), Power Drain(throws back into corner), c. lk, GNS

It ain’t a reset, but if ever any of ya’ll use Cammy with Rogue try try this.

Jumpin fp, call cammy, slp slk slp, xx GNS. Cammy hits right after the slk and the standing lp will knock them back. It doesn’t look like the GNS will connect but it does.

thanx tanion i’m getting better results now all i gotta do is practice hard and i’ll be raping my opponent’s teams with her:evil: also how can you evade the power drain besides running away? or is there no other way since my training dummy or best friend:evil: is using her and abusing of that so i wanna stop him with style:cool: thats all for now thanx in advance!

i need to learn the infinite help

to all the hard core rouge lovers like me i need someone to let me or give me advice in how to do the infinite id really appreciate it and by the way my team i use when i use rouge is rouge,storm,guile sick resets and damage:evil: :evil: :bluu: and as my saying here goes just rougatize that shit:evil:

You talking bout the speedup infinity? Cause that’s just dlp, dlk over and over again.

you could always use rogues speed up glitch to reset combos or to cross up the opponent who are blocking assist.

speed up,,*

the second will make rogue teleport to the other side of the opponent.

Unrollable GNS DHC?

I was just fooling around with Rogue/Sent the other day and noticed that an opponent can’t roll away if your DHC Rogue’s Good Night Sugah into Sent’s HSF [DHC right when she is kissing]. It goes from going upwards in a dizzy like fashion and then falling straight down. I didn’t time Sent’s launcher correctly and he OTG’ed the launcher. My computer had safe falls on so don’t be like… uhhh duh! safe falls off!. This happens with alot of other people too like if you DHC…

Sonson’s eating super
Amingo’s uhhh… dancing super?
Captain America’s Final Justice [do it when he does the slam]
Morrigan’s Darkness Illusion [do it when she is comboing in the air]

There might be other but I don’t know, havn’t tried them all yet. But it’s interesting I guess but do you think you can mash out and just immediately stand-up to avoid the OTG? Kinda like mashing to get out of Shuma’s Chaos Dimenson and Hulk’s Gamma Meteor… thing. If not then this could be awesome for Magneto and Sent because you can do Mag’s Shockwave/Sent’s HSF… whiff it then combo! I found this nice 100% combo that kills Cable and Doom [you need a power-up to kill Doom] but it involves 3 meters… x_x here goes.

Rogue: call sent, jumpin with j.hp,,,, Drones hit, GNS, wait till she is kissing the opponent, Sent HSF [whiff], OTG with, rocket punch, Plasma Storm.

Yeah i know it invovles three meters but whatever! But if you don’t want to just time your launcher right and do your air-combo, it does like 130 [normal] 135 [power up] points of damage on level 2. I was going to post this unrollable DHC question in the general discussion of MvC2 but I’ll probaly get flamed for using low tier =P

Huh. Cool - I’ll look into that. I DHC into Silver Samurai’s Raimeken, and the timing on that from GNS has always been tricky.

Another neat ‘trick’ is to DHC into Time Flip. If you cancel out of GNS on I believe just after the 9th hit, your opponent is frozen in place and just hovers there until the Time Flip hits. It looks mad cool. The timing is pretty tricky, but it’s a good show-off move.

Thanks DLJ and Tanion for starting back up the Rogue threads.

Another neat ‘trick’ is to DHC into Time Flip. If you cancel out of GNS on I believe just after the 9th hit, your opponent is frozen in place and just hovers there until the Time Flip hits. It looks mad cool. The timing is pretty tricky, but it’s a good show-off move.

Ya I got some developed some pretty nice Timeflip combos becaue of this.

I also got some gliched Rogue resets that I was messing around with before I stoped playing Marvel.

Ill post every thing later along with my Rogue teams in the other thread.

Is anyone going to ECC8? I hate to be the only Rogue Player there.


Nah going to showdown took up enough of my time as it is. Plus going into finals and need to work harder to make more money before the summer. Maybe Cali this summer though.

There is somethin about traveling just to play games thats kinda…

But if I get a ride from people that are going I most definitly come. That Team tournament with all rogue players on a team sounds tuff.