Rogue Teams

Hey ya’ll, just was curious as to what kind of teams other folks use. Obviously the most noted team is Rogue/Storm/Tron. But I know there are other folks out there who use different teams with her pretty well. Jumpee for example with Rogue/Cable/Cap or Cyke, I use Rogue/Storm/Cap or Cyke pretty decently myself. Here are some effective teams using Rogue I think have potential:

Rogue/Sent/Cap or Cyke

What do ya’ll think? Anyone agree or disagree with any of those teams? Discuss.

I play rogue/cable/tron. And win alot with it.

I use


pimp boy is gay! hahahaha… don’t beat me up!!

There’s only one gay Rogue user I know of…

And I like Rogue/Sent/IM a lot. If only my Sent weren’t so sad.

Thats alright my rogue will alway be better than yours