Rogue trick

every knows that rogue can gain “power-ups” by giving her opponent the kiss of death. once she grabs a character she gains one of the following: speed, power, health, defense, super armor, or mech super armor. However did you know that she is not limited to only power up? the catch is: it has to be from an assist and that assist is ruby heart’s enhace assist. The time bar for the enhance rogue steals and ruby heart gives differ. for instance, the assist bar drains more quickly. So, how exactly does this help rogue? Well say you have speed up and land the semi infinite…well in the middle call in ruby and now you will have both speed and power. (you semi infinite now does 2x as much damage) and since the assist doesnt exactly “combo” in you can call in ruby constantly (before your assist bar drains out.) she can have both defense and power, (mech) super armor and power…but not power and power…

WOW I hate you, I’ve been trying to find new stuff for Rogue for years to no avail.:crybaby: Anyways that a really nice strat/glitch you’ve found, all I need to do now is figure out how to use Rubyheart well.:rofl:

It’s a nice trick, but really just sounds like it would be too situational to be of any real use. Cool find though.

And Ruby Heart is a great character White. She’s got a lot of shit up her sleeve if you know how to use her.

Yeah I used to use her mainly because her Ship super is extremely quick and combos are decent but she DOES NO DAMAGE!!! All her comboable supers do piddily damage and a lot of her combos require Hyper Schwarzhaille to be cancelled early wasting meter.:tdown: